Rescue Journal

charlie has passed away

Carol  ·  Aug. 11, 2012

she has been happily living in foster care with carol ann since her arrival back in early fall 2011. charlie was an spca cruelty seizure who came in with aggressive and fungating mammary tumors that we surgically removed. she was one of those utterly sweet, sweet dogs who had been stuck living her long life in an uncaring and cold hearted world.

charlie's last year of life was in a home that deeply cared and that is what i think she left here knowing...she was loved and she was special.

rest in peace charlie.


so sorry carol ann and dionne for the loss of this sweet girl that you loved....and thank you for giving her a home where she truly was loved.



So sorry to hear about cute little Charlie. She was a real sweetie when she was in at the clinic. <3


aw so sorry carol ann and dionne.yes you took her when she really needed it and loved her to bits. as ann said sweet dreams charley. you landed in a good home.


Goodbye Charlie. I hope you are eating many yummy cheesalicious cookies wherever you are.

Carol Ann

Charley was the sweetest angel ever. She lost that worried look after a while and my fondest memory will always be tucking her into her big soft bed at night, she would snuggle down and almost smile. I know she felt loved here. We will miss her a lot. Thank you Carol for letting me bring her home.


My heart goes out to you both....thank you for stepping up to the plate and opening up your heart and home for a sweet girl who needed gave each other the gift of love this past year...


So sorry to hear of this loss Charlie was so fortunate to have been so loved..hugs to Carol ann and Dionne


So sorry Carol Ann & Dionne, big hugs to you both, Charlie found heaven with the two of you.......sweet dreams Charlie.


What a beautiful girl. Dionne and Carol Ann thank you for loving her. Every animal should know love, warmth and safety. RIP sweet Charlie.