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Carol  ·  Aug. 12, 2012

odie got charm today...he has injured charm's eye...i am watching it carefully and hosing it with cold water to keep the swelling down. if it is not better tomorrow i will whip charm into the vets.

i am reaching a cross roads with odie. we should be able to manage him and keep everyone safe but shit seems to keep periodically happening. this is a tough one..a well managed odie is a good and happy dog..he had a blast today playing down in the bottom field on the dog runs. but there absolutely cannot be any dogs with him in the kitchen except for squirt.... and dogs keep getting into the kitchen and then they get hurt.
so what to do here? do i penalize odie for human mistakes? do i keep letting the other dogs get hurt?

the whole freaking thing just totally sucks.

anyway..i am pondering this right now.

keekee and deedee are growing they are two weeks old and already they are fully potty trained. hah... i wish human babies and puppies were so easy!

the birds are finally moved into their new flight cage in the mp room. no more excuses for them to be forgotten when we are giving care..they are right in front of our noses now. i have finally settled on names for them...they are jack and jill...(they were going to be george and gracie but then i gave gracie the pig that name.)

max is settlig in ok but he really misses his family and would like to go home.

babette the bitchy cat has not shown up yet but i am sure she will one of these days.

the shop is neat and tidy again so i am happy about that...the house linens have been re-sorted out (thx jamie!) maybe we can all work together to keep them this way.

mustang sally is settling in well with chris and deb so that is good news.

molly four is still with janice and they are working things out. her other saints foster dog chilko is doing really well too.

helga made over $1200 on her garage sale for saints..yay for helga, that is so great!!!!

thx to everyone for all of their hard work this weekend..the place looks and feels great and this evening, the animals are all quiet, comfortable and settled and my headache has finally gone away.


Janice ter Borg

Wasn't it Kate Dumaresq who posted for sponsors on Craigslist? If so, great job Kate! I don't post very often but i do read the blog and it seems like you've been a great help with the air conditioners, hay and other items.


Babette's still at emerg, I left a message on your cell. My wonderful car started to overheat shortly after I picked up meghann.
I'll figure something out and will have her out there sometime this week.


Oh no poor Charm, he is such a good boy! I feel bad for Odie, it is a dilemma. Max is very handsome, I can't imagine what he is thinking, hope he knows he didn't do anything wrong. Shawn helped with the linens (while loving Charm) & showed me how to bath Chance


A great post on craigslist today:

Saints animal sanctuary Mission (Mission)

Date: 2012-08-12, 3:22PM PDT
Reply to: [Errors when replying to ads?]

I saw their plea for sponsors on here and went to check them out yesterday. We were given a tour ( they give tours every Sat and Sun at 11 am) and I can't tell you how moved and impressed we were. These are animals that people have discarded because they are old, crippled, blind etc. and Saints takes them in to live out their remaining lives. The place was clean, the animals were clearly loved and well cared for and so happy to get attention from us. There were volunteers everywhere doing whatever needed to be done and were more than happy to talk about the place and what they were doing.

I have signed up to be a "saint" for $25 per month as the spend over $150,000 per year helping these animals. Please, please take the time to go on their website and check it out or better yet go on a tour and see all the good they are doing! I figure that it's the price of two lunches out per month and if you can afford ( and I realize many people can't in this tough economy) that your money would do so much good!

Karma right? :)


well he isn't going to die over this but we are going to have to watch his eye for the next couple of days til the inflamation goes down.


Hi Carol is Charm ok? Crap! I should have talked to you yesterday about a trial foster/ adopt. Can you let me know if he is ok? Thanks Carol