Rescue Journal

good morning

Carol  ·  Aug. 14, 2012

ahh.... seven full hours of undisturbed sleep is a beautiful thing!

since i finally got my very large missing paycheques and paid off the debts incurred by their non-appearence..i decided to check out the new walmart store. i treated myself to new socks/underwear, a pair of work runners i think i can comfortably wear, and replaced a couple of still missing dvd's and bought a couple of new ones too.
i have not shopped just for me for no real particular reason felt kind of good...esp cuz for once spending stupid money, did not really hurt.

now if i suddenly die without warning, at least it will be with new is currently pretty damn good!

today is pay the vets some money, get the feed run done, work with one of the new potential staff persons during a trial shift, finish the shop laundry, do some of my own and clean my bedroom and bathroom...that should keep me out of trouble and help prevent me from answering the gawd damn phone.

well...better get the diabetics done and get my ass in gear.... another day off from work but full day of rescue is waiting to get started here.



At the end of the day it is still a gate which depends on humans getting it write. Back to the beginning of the issue.


I agree with Lynne's comment, - and because the laundry room is so confined, Odie often howls continually when in that space even for a short time - (everytime he tries to move and his nose hits the gate). He really likes being in the kitchen and is much quieter and happier there. I don't think the laundry area is an option, but I also know the kitchen is the busiest area in the house and hard to manage him at times as well. Not sure what the answer is?


How about if we put a gate/fence at the end of the cupboards/fridge so it forms a sort of walkway bypassing the kitchen from the computer room? Just a thought.


then he is stuck with no space at all. that laundry room is not very big. something better do not know what need to be done.


Dawn can you e-mail me please I need your help with a couple of things. Thanks

shelagh f

off topic, but check out Hope for Paws website. They
are coming to Vancouver Sept 2 for a talk at the
Waldorf Hotel. Admission $10. He does great stuff,
unfortunately, he will probably be needed forever
in L.A.


That doesn't sound like a bad idea. The house laundry could be turned into a den of sorts, we have the wire and a few 2 x 4's, I could cage it in from floor to ceiling c/w a door that would be wide enough to move washer and dryers in and out easily as they break down. Odie would be in the house but not a danger to others and free up the kitchen again. I am sure you have thought of this, just letting you know have another option.


The Odie situation....

Is it possible to make a gate thru the front cat area so the dogs in the computer room no longer have to go thru the kitchen? I realise this will give our crafty cats a chance of escape but it may be a better option than Odie jumping the dogs going thru the kitchen.

and is there a reason he's not in the laudry area? I would guess he is more than capable of jumping that gate to get back in the kitchen.

He needs his own Zen out Phoebe you might have some competition for your room.