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the options...

Carol  ·  Aug. 14, 2012

i am glad everyone is thinking about the issue with odie. i like that folks are trying to think of a solution. and i really liked jamie's comment about adding another gate, just adds another gate and the gates are not really the issue.

i could divide up every single room into 2 or 4 or 6 sections and build wire gated walls in between and all we have accomplished is adding more barriers and gates...not only turning their home into a series of cages but just adding more gates for animals to accidently slip thru.

odie and the other animals are perfectly safe if we are careful going in and out of the doors and the gates.
we don't need to stick anyone in wired off cages..might as well just build them all kennels in the back yard and let me have my house back. it would be way easier to clean...just hose the kennels down once a day. it would be way easier to keep everyone safe..just pop them each into a perfectly secure wire kennel and all problems are immediately solved.

but is that how we want them to live? is that how i want to a house full of wire cages with some animal sitting there...doing what?
waiting? isolated and alone?..i think that is a nice way for them to live the rest of their lives?? odie is only 5..he wants to spend the rest of his life entombed by wire in a 6x8 foot laundry room?


i want all of us to be careful. to be respectful of the needs of odie and the other animals here. he is content in the kitchen..he feels comfortable in there...he feels like that is his space in his odd family home.

we all have to learn to be cautious when we move from room to room here, to pay attention and to keep the kitchen free of other dogs. we also need to learn how to keep it calm here. how not to wind up the animals with our rushing about. we need to use thoughtful care consideration when we are feeding treats or preparing their canned food.

saints actually works pretty well because for 18 hours a day or more there are not a ton of people here. left to their own devices without us stimulating and winding them up...they are all pretty calm. that is why i have the hours when no one is allowed is peaceful and quiet when no one is around.

the real issue is us.... it is about us. we are focused on what we are doing, on where we are going, on when we want to come and go here. we had a fight this morning between sam and puff (no one was hurt.) the house staff decided they were ready for the field run while sam and leah were still out for their morning run. no one was thinking about what was going on around them, that sam and leah were down at the barn like they are every morning first thing...they were just ready to move on to the next thing on their list which was the dogs run and consequently...puff ran smack into sam.

at some point we all have to realize that we humans are not the sole inhabitants on the island of saints...there are animals everywhere...hopefully in their proper areas, hopefully put away before we move or allow another individual or group into their space.

the issue is really not odie or puff or is not that we need to build yet another freaking barrier or wire gate. it is that we are thoughtless and careless at times and not paying attention to what is happening around what could happn around us if we are not careful.

it happens to me occasionally too...last week, puff met up with manny at the back mp door..i didn't bother to pull the xpen over to block them off from each other.
so when i say we...i do mean we...and i include all of us in this.

we are each 100% responsible for whatever we do or don't do.

but the other issue is this...when we screw up...someone might get hurt. someone may become a victim of our could be charm and his injured could be odie if he for safety sakes had to be nuked.

we need to really think hard about this...all of us do.



how true. odie does like it in the kitchen, it is his special and safe place, and he has lost enough that taking that away from him is so unfair. you are right, we all need to be more aware of everything going on at saints. odie has his little place at saints and we all have to respect that. it does make it challenging but doable. putting him away from everyone would be like solitary confinement. one on one he is a very social little guy just have to respect his territory.


I forgot to mention this before now... but on Saturday while I was there, I went into the house for the first time since I was on a tour. I'm not familiar with what needs to be closed and who needs to be where... BUT... I was greeted at the door by two little yappy guys who were taking turns darting in and nipping my ankles. They were egging eachother on and tag teaming me. They didn't intimidate me or scare me or hurt me... but they sure got me out of the house quick :-) They may have been nicer to me if they'd know I was carrying around that big cheque from Telus, looking for Carol. I thought it was humorous and thought I'd share.


absolutely not worth the risk of someone leaving that gate open or unlatched and losing a bunch of the cats.


I understand not wanting anymore gates in the house, there are more than enough already. My original question was how come Odie doesn't live on the laundry room side of the kitchen. I got my answer, he howls and now that I think about it some more it is on the small side.

How about tossing around the other idea, some kind of exit thru the front cat area. You could look at it as another escape route as well in case of fire. This might help ease the movement of the dogs in and out of the house. I'm not saying it's the answer but something to think about as a possible solution.