Rescue Journal

i took the day off...

Carol  ·  Aug. 17, 2012

i did up the diabetics and was up in the hideaway suite by just after 8am...and i slept, and then i read, and then i slept, and then i watched a bit of a movie, and then i slept. i finally got out of that freaking puffy and stuffy recliner around 3 pm this afternoon. and i do feel better.

heads up to the weekend warriors...the house dryer is broken and it is not going off for repair unil monday. we don't have anyone to switch the spares around right now is not a big deal. it is so hot, the laundry is drying quickly on the fences. the only thing is please be really careful what goes into the laundry this weekend, shake out and re-use anything that you can....if one of those monsterous mega piles forms...we will be TOTALLY SCREWED. mya the new dog. she is doing quite well but is not ready to be running around loose on the property yet. she can go out in the front yard...supervised... but needs to be brought right back in again. also she is a bit uncomfortble with the whole free roaming/free feeding thing, it makes her nervous so she is hesitent to actually eat. please feed her a full can of wet food and hold it for her while she eats...i will feed her again in the evening when i get home from work.

babette the bitchy cat is here and she is in the cage in the mp communal cat safely clean her cage..first give her a tasty big bowl of canned cat food off in the cage corner, out of the way...she really does like her chow! then get her cage done quickly ad efficiently and it should be ok. if this doesn't work..leave her for me and i will do her on my break.

i am on early shift again tomorrow and sunday which means i am leaving here before 6 am so i will not have time to feed the shop pigs or take sam and leah out for a pee....can someone post here and commit to taking care of these guys first thing in the morning please?

to the barn folks...we are starting on dixie's little barn on monday and it is going exactly where doc's current house is sooo...doc needs to be permanently evicted from his little house tomorrow so he has the weekend to adjust to living with chewey. they have already been together loose in the fields for most of this week, but now we have to finish the job and do the bedtime moving thing too. so let him out with the goats tomorrow morning and please don't put him back.

anyway here is the biggest issue...doc is so skinny he can slip out of the gaps of BOTH the goat area gates....if one of the handy guys are around..we need a latch or hook or chain or something at the bottom of both gates to keep the gaps closed (sort of like wills and charlottes top and bottom gate hooks.)

i know there are chains out in the shop work bench and the big U hooks and if needed we can cut the clip ends off of old crappy leashes to hook everything to.

also...gideon os still on his daily pain meds...pete is now moving to m/w/f so he won't need anything this weekend and flicka still need a small scoop of bute with her breakfast in the mornings.

i will try to get home for my lunch break.



I'll be there tomorrow - I can lift crap and be useful - also I'll be there for bedtime (;


if i'm the 'Ann from out of town' - i sent $40.00 a few days should get it soon i hope!


awsome michelle thankyou really appreciate that. you couldcome over in the morning when i am there at900 and leave the money for sheila in the office. wowa wae have2 tables now for sponsorship.


sorry i posted in comment 19 that we had 170 i meant to say 340 and with nicoles 40 it will be 380. sorry oeople. you guys rock. just 1 more person.


wow thanks nicole we just need 1 more person and we have 2 tables. thankyou everyone soooo much.


i was going to say that mya looks like a perfectly lovely dog she is very sweet and seems quite content in the kitchen she had dogs and cats all over her and not a peep out of her. also is it max our king charles cavaleer is very sweet and affectionate 2 very nice dogs.


bunny if 40 is too much for you then just leave 20 anything is appreciated thanks

Bunny Horne

MO, if you are on your computer today, I picked up fresh carrots, peaches, plums, pears and bananas for the barn guys breakfast. Got some watermelon for Brad, Wills and Lotti. See you in the morning.


hope you guys do not mind that i went for 2 tables. i was over the one table so thought 2 is better than 1. than it just leaves 2 tables to sponsor.


hi guys i talked to sheia and she said the money could be left in the office with your name on it if cash and your address for tax purposes. thankyou so much dianne i put you down for 40, bunny, 40, kim 20 erin 20 ann cording 20.i have some friends that will also go in on a table so i think except for needing 3 people we have enough money for 2 tables. hope that is okay with everyone. that just leaves 2 tables to cover. i have alison, shawn, ann cording, ann from out of town, dainne, kim, mo, bunny, me, carol, erin, my 3 friends and my daughtaer. that is 170. we only need 3 more people. thankyou everyone so much. it is al going towards a good cause, so everyone please leave their money either in the office or mail it to sheila and if i have forgotten anyone i am sorry let me know. we still have 3 spots left if anyone else would like to contribute.


thankyou very much bunny you can leave it in an envelope for sheila with your name and address on it so you can get a tax receipt. much appreciated

Bunny Horne

Hi, Lynne, I will put in $40 for Brent and I for the volunteer table. Sadly that's the best I can do, my condo was hit with an emergency special assessment of $4,000 per unit and it's due in a month. My $$$ are super tight right now. If you are on site on Sunday I will give you the $$$ - if not do you want me to leave it for Sheila or leave it in an envelope for you?


Hi Lynne. I am in the mp room at 9 am sat and sun. It's Dawn coming in at 11. Lol. You and my name ;). You even said you would probably call me Dawn a lot!


i will do another table at the end of the month if you are short but do not get paid until the beginning of sept


i can help you shawn i am coming in sun are you doing the mp room i thought not until 11 oclock


sheila how are the table sponsorships going. i think we need 4 more for the volunteer table but do not worry i will cover them if no one else wants to go in. so we still need about 4 tables dont we


re the dryer...thx ryan and brent but don't bother switching them..that one is going for possible repair first thing on monday and matus is switching in the replacement when they pick it up. it needs to be set up and plugged in to the proper dryer electrical outlet so i can decide before they go after they have looked at it and diagnosed the problem if i want to repair it or just have them dump it.


Will you be around tomorrow or Sunday to talk about Charm? And a trial foster/ adopt? Let me know Thanks so much Carol


Bunny and I will be there on Sunday, so I'll make sure the goats gates are up to snuff. I'll also change out the dead dryer. If you could please clearly mark which dryer you want back in the house(I.e. one that you are sure works), that would be most helpful,


I can do Sunday. I will get there early to walk Sam and Leah. I can also make sure the pigs have water

Carol the shop guys ar covered for saturday morning (thx lynne and erin!)...still need to cover them for sunday.


Lynne , please check waters for the mini pigs on going as we have a little blue tub for Gracie so we don't have to worry about babies drowning and a few gulps and its gone.


erin snd i will do the pigs and sam and leah. i will come by aout 845 and head just to the shop.