Rescue Journal


Carol  ·  Aug. 19, 2012

apparently, jazzy the hag, bit little bambi on the tongue this morning...ouch, poor baby!

babette is still being! that cat is totally pissed right off!

squirty the guinea pig went home with deb and her daughter yesterday..i really liked that little sweetie, so glad she got a great home!

charm went home with shawn today on a trial..yay for charm and shawn!

nugget is doing well. charlie seems to really like having her near him, maybe when she is a bit bigger, they can be friends.

rock is not doing so well this weekend..maybe the heat has been too much for his bad kidneys. i did give him about 60cc sc fluids tonight and he did drink some tuna juice and soupy food...but he is getting so wobbly and weak.

and after seeming to rally a bit and put on some weight, gideon appears to be failing again. the only difference is this time...he is still eating pretty well which worries me more than i care to admit.

all of the dogs were pretty loopy at bed time...tess was pretty damn perky and so was manny. tina was sneaking out and wandering around trying to find someone so we found her already out and hanging around the barn waiting for us.

i like doing saints bed time on sunday nights with christine and michelle..besides being a ton of help, they really enjoy the animals and all of their antics so it is fun. tina was riding around in the wheelbarrow during the hay delivery..charlotte was chowing down on a bunch of apples in the manure bin and raven as always was just in a big freaking hurry to eat!

tomorrow we start on the new little barn..lots of prep work needed to clean out that old pen area and get the cement pad formed. it will probably take about a week to get the barn built and every thing done.

man are those little baby pigs getting fat! i cleaned them out tonight and i could not believe how chubby keekee and deedee are becoming...gracie must have pretty rich milk! i let both gracie and teddy out for a wander about while i quickly cleaned out their pens. you would think they would enjoy some fresh air in the outside pen but no..they just head for the back corner to eat sam and leah's dry food instead.

i think jack and jill really like their new bird cage..i know i really like it. it is so easy to take care of them and it is so nice to see them happy with lots of space.

i think that is most of the news..hoping for a quiet night around here.



So sorry to hear my boy The Rock is not doing too well. He did some talking to me yesterday, but was a little wobbly on his feet


Where did jack and jill come from?

Squirt is an awesome guinea pig!! So sweet and social. Today we cleaned out the whole cage and gave her all new clean bedding. Went shopping for her and got some new chews and a tunnel. Happy girl she is.
She has had a few name changes in the 2 days we have had her.... Caitlyn has renamed her and now, I think it is Candy. Candy gets lots of attention. She resides in my 'office'. Both nights my daughter has had to come in and give her a goodnight snuggle and kiss. Thanks Carol !!


Not sure if you guys are in need of a washing machine but my family in Maple Ridge is getting rid of one, they just need it picked up. Old but works well and is used to lots of dog hair :)


Thanks for the update on The Rock. I was really worried about him today. He was so lethargic and didn't talk at all. Doesn't feel right in the medical room without his loud 'pay attention to me' demands.