Rescue Journal

sad night at saints

Carol  ·  Aug. 23, 2012

after closing today, the vet went forward with the surgery with janice and i present. there was a definite ending of the bowel inside her on xray and no secondary tract going into her vagina..she was just reabsorbing her mothers milk, but what bowel she had was full of gas and that was beginning to cause her discomfort. the vet went deep inside her surgically, trying to find the end of the bowel to attach. she had no sphincter muscles, no rectum or bowel anywhere near.

during the surgery i was able to keep her masked and hold her tail out of the way so at least i know she was sound asleep and did not suffer during the attempted repair. we agreed to stop and help her to pass before she woke up.

rest in peace onesey, i am so sorry gracie and teddy that we could not save your beautiful babe.

twosey is safely home with her mom and dad after a long, hungry and stressful day.



Oh my, so sorry to hear the sad news. As others said, I am glad she was at Saints and that it was detected now and not later when she may suffer RIP


I am so sorry to hear about Onesey. I'm glad you were able to get her some help and that she didn't suffer. Poor babes....


twosey has all of that right equipment and it is working fine..but what scares us is there some other unknown serious congenital defect still waiting soundlessly inside? we suspected that gracie and teddy might be closely related..siblings?...looks like maybe we were right.

two of these poor babes have already paid the price for the irresponsibility and outright stupidity of whoever had them before. i just hope twosey doesn't have to pay for that down the road too.


Heartbreaking. She was so beautiful. Rest peacefully little angel. The story of our three little pigs has been a sad one so far, but glad to hear twosey is still doing well.

Cathy Thomas

I am so sorry but you did what was best for her. That doesn't make it any easier on you though.


That's so sad, ditto Carol Ann's comment thank goodness she was at saints. Sweet dreams little Onesey.

Carol Ann

I am so sorry too. Glad she was at Saints can you imagine what could have happened to her . Rip little onesey. Sad sad day for sure.