Rescue Journal

super-woman syndrome sucks.

Carol  ·  Aug. 23, 2012

well pepper finally went back to sleep just after midnight and then he started fussing and screaming again around 6:15...he is way more annoying than an alarm clock and not quite as cute as a sweet little baby.

i can't bring him into the computer room with me yet...the dogs are still sleeping and sure as shit, his walking around over top of them all will seriously piss someone off.

i need a big, open and empty gymnasium to happily contain that freaking wandering blind dog.

busy day today...this is my last day off for this set of holidays...i did manage to keep mon/thurs off but tomorrow i start the first of 8 shifts in a row so my scheduling of actual real vacation/and or days off did sort of suck.

oh well...maybe i will do better next set. the problem is that for now i am the mission's office only casual. that should get better in the fall...(i hope.... for us all...) cuz with my fulltime job, even my mission availability ain't great, they end up having to work short on many days.

so many places to life certainly is far from mundane or boring (at least for me!)

i haven't told you guys yet but here is some great second grandchild is due in mid oct..(lindsey and cam's first) and my third grandchild is due in feb. (eric and ang's second.) considering how much time i don't get to spend with annabelle, the most lovely and adorable first grandchild in the whole freaking world..i am getting decidedly nervous about this new generation of my expanding family that i really do want to spend more quality time with. i don't want to just be the grandma that shows up briefly once in awhile.

sometimes i don't get did life get so utterly busy and jammed packed? oh i know! it is cuz i think i can juggle and do absolutely EVERYTHING every time i get struck by a new bright idea.

maybe pepper's real purpose in life now is to keep me up out of bed and not wasting precious time with trivial sleep.



I can't agree with Penny more! When your grandchildren are able to come spend time with you, where ever you are, imagine all that they will learn, the possibilities are limitless. You are the coolest granma around. Congratulations to you all!


Congratulations, Carol! Look at it this way, your grandkids have one of the more interesting grandma's around!!! As they get older, how cool will that be to have a grandma who runs a animal sanctuary.