Rescue Journal

i slept in til 7:45!

Carol  ·  Aug. 25, 2012

and did not wake up once during the night!!!

and where was that annoying big baby non-screaming pepper?????

soundly asleep on the karunda bed next to my side!

he did start up on the bed but as soon as the lights went out, he fell over the side. the good news is instead of one big wince and ouch thump as he hit the floor...there was a series of three smaller and gentler thump, thumps as he conveniently rolled down the big plastic bed stairs.

i popped him up on the karunda and he immediately curled up content in his new bed.

yay pepper!


Kate Dumaresq

I am going to come out tomorrow (Sunday) and drop off my money for the gala, and for the two animal sponsors I have signed up for. I am also dropping off a new fancy wine fridge for the auction, is that an ok auction item?

Bunny Horne

Sheila, I'm dropping off a big box and a red bag in the MP Room tomorrow - Sunday - for the Gala Silent Auction. Check inside the box as the donation forms and a framed entry are included in that box. :<)