Rescue Journal

-my funny's for the day

Carol  ·  Aug. 25, 2012

since pepper is now a bedroom buddy...he has free'er access to outside.
he took advantage of this to go exploring on his own.
as he toddled past ko and mo out at the barn on his way to the pond...ko said..."isn't he blind?" and mo said 'no... i think he is just fx#&'ed..." and they watched him toddle off to explore.
a few minutes later lynn comes flying out of the house and says to ko and mo....'have you guys seen pepper?"
mo said "yeah, he is down at the pond."
lynne as she ran off to retrieve him said..."shit you guys he is blind!"

tina was in the house after the memorial garden treat time for all of like 20 minutes before i decided to go lay on the bed and watch tv with the bed buddies. we get all comfortable and i find something decent to watch when suddenly i realize i am missing tina.
i haul my wanted to rest comfortable ass off the bed and go looking for her. i tried out in the yards, inside the barn and called to her under the feed shed. no tina. i hike down to the bottom field, get down on my screwed up knees to peer deep inside the tree stump she likes to nap tina.

i head back up the hill and back thru the barns and run into tina just climbing out from under the feed shed. i toss her over my shoulder and we head back to my room and get re-comfortable on the bed but this time with her curled up against my chest.

but now i am hungry so i get up again and go to the fridge for the left over pizza. i grab the last couple of slices and go to the computer room and tang is sleeping in my computer chair. i put the pizza down on the desk and lift tang up to put him somewhere else when crash leans over and picks up the pizza and walks out to the cat run with my lunch in his mouth.

apparently crash likes pizza.



I can give you $20 also if you still need it. Will be there Saturday, let me know.


Carol I’m putting the finishing touches to the Lottery Grant Application and need to talk to you tonight. I have to have this in the mail by Wednesday and I am missing some information. Thanks


thanks guys much appreciataed. maybe you can either give it to me today or to sheila in an envelope in the office.


Lynne, I will contribute 20 for the sponsorship table. (Trying to catch up on all the goings-on before I head out again tomorrow for the Interior to visit friends). I miss you guys - will be back soon.


I can't stop smiling at the thought of Pepper just going about his business, thinking how great it is that he hasn't walked into a corner yet. Great save Lynn. OMG Jedi just rolled off his bed onto the floor, he is looking around to see if any one saw him. My heart is full, I am truly blessed. Ok, there is always room for more.


hi i am going through my list of people for the 2 sponsorship volunteer tables. do not know if this is correct let me know. alison 20 shawn 20 ann cording 20 ann out of town 40 dianne 40 kim 20 mo 20 bunny 40 carol 20 erin 20 nicole 40 michelle 20 so i am short 4 people would anyone like to contribute to this great worthy cause it is 20 a person if not i will . i am already sponsoring 2 tables so would appreciate the help. i am not sure if allison said she would sponsor. help.


Good on ya Crash... Carol, you must not have been that hungry! You should take lessons for Jenn. I'm pretty sure she managed to eat a whole piece all to her self at lunch!