Rescue Journal

another day of shit i am tired.

Carol  ·  Aug. 26, 2012

another one of those run over by a truck days...gosh i am achey and sore.

i got the feed, fruit/vegie, a few bales of hay runs done but most of it is still in the van..i am too beat to unload it is there tho if the staff need anything. plus there is a $1300 delivery order coming in early this week. tomorrow on my break i will order a full 150 bale hay load and try to get the plumbers out to do something about the absolutely shitty water pressure again. way behind on the shop laundry, thank god lynne took some of the house stuff home.

christine got here early this afternoon which worked out great for me...we got the gross matts around the openings of smokey's ears shaved so we can keep them cleaner and get the ear meds in more easily and effectively. christine gave manny's butt a good wash down, we showered odie cuz he was FREAKING FILTHY and i got chance and max done up too. then michelle arrived for barn bedtime so i left most of it to them and went to town brushing out pete who was looking like raggety, molting shit.

i am HOPING to at least squeeze out a few inches of water into the tub to have a decent hot soaking bath tonight. thank goodness i did up my work week laundry yesterday cuz there is no way with the current water pressure that i could do it tonight.

thx to everyone who worked so hard to keep our animals comfortable and happy today...sorry the water was such an issue...i know it made everyone's day just that much harder. i will try to get it fixed asap.



Heads up to staff..Abbey loves the pond but gets stuck in the mu.d..pls either put her on leash when near the pond or be prepared to get down and dirty...she LOVES water but the muddy and steeper edges are more than she can manage.

It was a good day and all went well