Rescue Journal


Carol  ·  Aug. 27, 2012

the new little barn is almost complete...just the installation of the stall matts and a couple of trim is a pretty nice little barn.

babette is slightly less bitchy but no where near friendly yet.
all of the new dogs are doing quite well.
gideon is doing a bit better again.
the rock was not doing as well last evening...he is getting weak again.

the water pressure is a little bit better this morning...not sure if it will stay up or not today. in any case i will probably have to send one of the staff to the laundrymat tomorrow to try to catch us back up again....that will suck all around.

the cows are finally allowed back in the riding ring since the new gates went in yesterday...they are happy about that.

i guess i better get dressed for work...please don't let this work week be so nutso crazy!



Babette was definitely better when I was there..... Slowly she will make her way out.... I hope.

Sorry to hear The rock is not doing so well. He is my favorite boy... I had him around my neck purring last Saturday


it is a beign fatty tumor...nothing to worry about unless it interfers with the nerves in that leg. he is far too old to even attempt to surgically remove it so i am just watching it grow.


carol, just curious...manny has a huge lump in his armpit, im sure youve seen it, what is it? its not mast cell like bears tumors is it? it seems to be growing retardedly fast.