Rescue Journal

the bat shit crazy's

Carol  ·  Aug. 28, 2012

my mind is so full lately of what doesn't work well here and what to do to get it to work well. but lately i just keep hitting the same brick walls and i am not sure what to do.

i have this vision of saints in my head...i see happy, well cared for, wrecked and homeless animals living with constant basics they can always count comfort, gentle, respectful, appropriate and thoughtful care, as well as well organized cleanliness around them. those are my goals.

and i am not willing or able to settle for less.

the question becomes are we 100% there yet? and my honest answer has to

i think the reason we aren't always there yet is because i don't think that all of us are always united on the same page.

saints is not about what we WANT to do...saints is about what each animal NEEDS us to do....and who actually does it and who just turns a blind eye and walks away.

there are people here crazier than bat shit....janice fussing over me remembering to buy broccoli for pete, mo shushing everyone around here cuz she is quietly singing and soothing a pig, KO in a big rush to get the peas and corn to the chickens and ducks who are expecting their treat, tammy with her thousands of beds and bowls everywhere so no cat has to move more than an inch to find what they seek.
and then there is the craziest bat shitter of all who lives with all of these animals and their advocates bouncing off the walls aound me.

and i am more than ok with it...these are examples of people who will never turn their backs on an animal's need. they will never walk past an animal who needs something and do nothing.
every moment that they are here is about the animals at their feet.

my best image of last week was walking into the mp room when i thought we were all alone here and finding someone was here... smiling and quietly and gently washing the shit off of manny's ass. no fuss, no big deal....just a peaceful and quiet moment of simply meeting an animal's need. and that person is probably bat shit crazy too cuz she was obviously happy to be able to meet his need.

i don't really care that my hearing is going cuz i pretty much don't listen to people any is my eyes that really tell me who is here for themselves and who is here for the animals.

people do not get how easy it is to earn my utmost respect and true gratitude....all they have to do is take very good and special loving care of all of our animals.

there is nothing airy fairy or verbal about can be as simple as cheerfully and efficiently taking a moment to kindly and gently clean up some shit.


julie Hartland

Lynne, have flats of Medical at the house for you to pick up please. Julie

Ashley, would you please respond to my email, ta, Julie.


Carol, I saw an ad on craigslist for free willow branches for bunnies. I did a search and see that they are great for bunnies and they like to chew them. What do you think? Should I pick some up or would they just be too messy?

Free rabbit treats, corkscrew & pussy willow branches (Mission/Hatzic)
I have lots of corkscrew and pussy willow branches, rabbits love the bark and leaves. Ongoing supply as the trees keep growing. Free to any rabbit lovers out there.