Rescue Journal

we have a couple of temporary guests.

Carol  ·  Aug. 29, 2012

pat the cat is here in the medical room where we can moniter him better. we are still awaiting those specific blood protein results to tell us if he most likely has cancer somewhere. they won't be back until the end of the week cuz they were sent back east. he will go back to his foster home with curt once we have a definitive medical plan.

achilles the cat is currently staying up in the hideaway suite. this cat was adopted from me a decade ago when i was still with KP, by one of the nurses i work with. his family is away for a couple of weeks and achilles has some real health issues with a recent palliative diagnosis of lymphoma and mega colon. so he is staying with us so i can keep a close eye on how he is doing until his mom and dad get home.
achilles was a street cat who got his name cuz when he came in he had suffered a terrible injury by climbing inside the engine of a car to get warm. it totally shredded his leg and his tendons were fully exposed and it took almost a full year and several surgeries to finally get the wounds to close.

anyway he is a bit pissed off to find himself back with me despite giving him the deluxe and private accomondations all to himself up in the hideaway suite. after work tonight i went up to sit with him for a while...he climbed up on my lap, made himself comfortable and then laid there swishing his angry tail, staring right into my eyes and hissing at me!

i forgot how much i liked this cat..might as well take a load off and be warm and comfortable while giving the person whose lap you are using total shit. too funny...lots of kick ass life in him yet!

i broke out the sardines for flora, the rock and pat the cat tonight (all the sickies who aren't eating really well...)...rock liked them..flora and pat not so much. i will go to the pet store tomorrow and try them on merricks..hopefully they will like some of that.

i talked to rick today, the haying is done for now so he should be able to spare some time to hook up the trailer and dixie will hopefully be home in the next few days...yay!
(flicka don't be a hag about this, dixie is not a threat to your boss-i-ness.)

abbey is finally settling, she is more mentally with it now and getting comfortable with the routine here and she is starting to bond with me finally. i think her recent stroke/seizure damage has started to sort itself out for her again. it really is frightening for them to suddenly have scrambled brains so thank god she is in the recovery process of unscrambling.

crash is doing so exceptionally well...super nice dog but a wee bit of a whiney baby...and he is an accomplished food thief as well..i lost half of my dinner to him again. oh well, i didn't really need it all anyway.

i am pretty sure that mya has eaten all of the tennis balls i brought into the house last week..i don't see a single one anywhere so i am assuming she ate them.

babette barely growled at me tonight and she didn't even bother to take a swipe at me when i took out and cleaned her cat box...altho she was busy maybe she was just too distracted to try to shed any of my blood tonight...or maybe she is finally settling!

i think that is all of the news, at least it is all that i can remember right now.


Marla in SD

You know those moms who have to go through the entire lineup of their kids' names before they hit on the right name, regardless of which is in trouble? I'm that way with my four dogs and a cat, and some days can't keep them straight. And here you are with 100+ animals that you keep track of, worrying about who gets what meds, food, loving, or special attention, and then you have former SAINTS come back and you can not only keep track of who you're talking about, but can tell those of us far, far away what's going on in their lives and where they started from before they came to SAINTS. You're amazing! Thanks for sharing smiles this morning!


Keeping my fingers crossed that you have him back soon, Curt. And that all will be OK