Rescue Journal

pokey and chloe arrived tonight....

Carol  ·  Aug. 31, 2012

oops i wasn't expecting them yet.

anyway in a rush, we set up pokey up in the last medical room pen and chloe got popped into a quickly set up double sized cage in the house back cat room. neither cat is all that happy after their long road trip from alberta but hopefully they will settle and be ok until i figure things out a bit better for them.

so everyone who was waiting to get in is actually finally here (except dixie and we are all ready for whenever she returns.)...there are no other animals i am committed to which is a damn good thing cuz we are again really full.

and now i am going to go to bed cuz i am freaking well beat!


Bunny Horne

Carol and MO, we picked up bananas, mangos, pears, peaches watermelon for the barn guys breakfast. Didn't get any strawberries for Miss Ellie-Mae.
We are headed off downtown for a stroll - walking past LUSH - so I think it's time to get some bath bombs for Carol. It's the "sex-bomb" one you like best - right?

Carol Ann

wow I am overwhelmed by the dedication of some people. God bless you all. Not everyone would go to so much trouble for 2 poor senior hurting cats. Great job.


I'm surprised they are there so quickly too! I was told Saturday, guess Cathe got a burst of driving energy. Chloe was not impressed when I got them to Calgary, she had reverted to burying her head in the blanket. Pokey didn't seem too bad on that leg of their trip. I hope you got my email about them.


Look forward to meeting them this weekend.
Carol, just confirming Squirt the Guina pig is a female? Also, what is her story..... Where did she come from?
We love her!