Rescue Journal

big thx to all of the long weekend warriors...dixie's barn is done..yay! barn and mp building looked great double yay yay!

Carol  ·  Sep. 3, 2012

thx for posting the pics of our babe leila...she is just so freaking adorable!

be careful what you ask for cuz you might actually get it. i was teasing vern the other day to make me an apple crisp...vern took a step further and decided to make a full multi-fruit deluxe. two bee stings, two berry picking ditch falls, and a couple of trips to the store oh so tasty fruit crisp arrived at saints.

ooops sorry....but mmmmmm...thx so much vern!!

and thx to bunny and brent for a stock up on bath bombs! i had just used my last one the other day and was thinking in retrospect i should have saved one for a rainy day and now i can!!!!

ko said she is going to buy mo a life guard umbrella and vest cuz mo spent all weekend pulling the idiot crippled dogs out of the mud in the pond....abbey and pepper are the biggest repeat offenders. oh well, mo's feet covered in thick slimey mud is personally far easier for me than fencing off the pond.
thx mo for caring so well about our saints pond dumbo's!!!!

a fairly cheerful sigh of relief...super stat happening in the real world today, an enthusiastic well paid yay! so i guess i better get ready for work...thank you again to everyone covering saints on the labor day long guys are so great!!



Hi Carol. I tried to get Riley as clean as I could today without bath help. She was pretty wet and I felt bad so towels and warm water were her friend today! Have a good night!

Bunny Horne

I WILL pull them out of storage. I've thought a number of times they might be helpful at Saints.


Thanks Mo.
Please give me a call when you get decked out in the waders and vest....that's a photo we would all like to see!


Maggie your basket is in the tent by the garbage bin

Bunny i.may take you up on them Lol..KO literally had to pull me out today..warning to all..the area near Als fishing for frogs spot is really muddy right foot was so stuck if KO was not there I for sure would have had to sacrific my runner..there was no way Abbey would have been able to get her but out

Come to thinl of it..these runners will be toast in no time anyhow

Bunny Horne

If MO wears a size 8 - 9 I have a pair of hip waders I haven't used since 1999 when I went to see the Spirit Bear. I will be happy to donate them to her - I also have an orange safety vest.


Mo, I'm so sorry but I totally forgot to pick up my green bucket today. I was so busy dropping off and picking up laundry it went out of my mind.
I will be dropping off the last of the clean laundry tomorrow so will pick it up then.