Rescue Journal

squeakers passed away today.

Carol  ·  Sep. 5, 2012

he and hymie came from an alberta rescue in january of 2010 after being saved from a hoarder. they were both 16 years old and had multiple and ongoing medical issues, but they truly did love each other. maggie took them home in late may as saints foster cats, and there while they still remained sick and high needs cats, they blossomed under her constant and loving care.

this past few months have been especially tough on both hymie and squeakers. in addition to all of their other health issues, both developed diabetes this year.
last night squeakers hit a probable end of life crises, his blood sugars bottomed out and his body temperature dropped. he has been in the clinic since early this morning wrapped in a heating bed and on dextrose IV's. his blood sugars haven't gone up past 2 and his body temp remained low. by the end of the day maggie and i both felt that 18 yr old squeakers was hitting the end of his very long road and neither of us wanted to prolong his suffering.

squeakers passed peacefully away at the vets with his best human friend and loyal servant's kisses and tears upon his head, it was a very gentle death.
rest in peace squeakers, you were a very good cat.


hugs to you maggie for your loss and our greatest thanks for loving both of these little old and sick cats so well.



Maggie, our heartfelt sentiments go out to you on the loss of Squeakers. You and SAINTS gave him so much more than he ever knew. I remember the day Lisa and I saw Squeaks and Hymie sitting together in a filthy cardboard box and we scooped them up. It was a true love story between Squeakers and Hymie as you know. Both of them went on to live at our vet clinic while receiving care, when Hymie got offered a forever home. Carol, thank god, came through and offered Squeakers a home with SAINTS...until we discovered that Hymie had gone into depression, would not eat, would not engage, and stayed in her little "tent" house at her home.

Squeakers, still at the clinic, we were told by our vet staff, never settled and paced his kennel for three days meowing and he also refused to eat. We decided to bring Hymie back and what transpired could bring anyone to tears. Instantly they greeted each other sniffing and nuzzling - such an emotional reunion. They were offered food and both of them ate like there was no I remember emailing Carol to say we couldn't send Squeaks under the circumstance and she graciously offered Hymie a placement too. That was there story with us.

We are so grateful to you and Carol for everything you have provided to these little seniors, and to all the volunteers who work so hard to keep such a wonderful facility like SAINTS operating...hat's off to you all! We hope Hymie will make the adjustment of losing Squeaks, but we are sure there is no lack of love coming her way to help. Thank you again...for everything you all do.

Virginia & Lisa - Little Cats Lost, Edmonton


Maggie I am so very sorry for this loss, you gave squeakers what all cats deserve, a loving home, tons of love and a dignified passage to the bridge. my thoughts are with you.


Oh Maggie, my heart aches for the loss of your Squeakers. You gave Squeakers everything he ever needed, a home he was safe & deeply loved in. I also believe that survivors need some finality and not left wondering what happened, why were they left behind. Thank you Maggie for the love & respect you have given to both Squeakers & Hymie. Blessed


Maggie...sorry for your loss of Squeakers...thank you for taking in 2 special need cats and giving them a loving family

another Doreen

Maggie, I don't know you but I'm very impressed by your compassion and understanding in letting Hymie see her friend one last time!
Just tonight I was looking at my old dog, also rescued from a bad situation, and celebrating the life she still has in her and the enjoyment she seems to take from that life, despite all her aches and pains. It sounds like Squeakers and Hymie found some similar joy with SAINTS and with you until it was time to let him go.

Bunny Horne

Maggie and Carol, I'm so sorry. Thank you for taking these guys into your lives.


Thanks all. I brought Squeaks home and took him into Hymie so she would know he died, say goodbye, and know he didn't just disappear.
Hymie walked around Squeaks sniffing a couple of times then left him alone. I then removed Squeaks and he will be buried on my property tomorrow morning. It is hard to do but I am a huge believer in respecting the survivors love and their need to know the finality.
I know Hymie will be fine as now she will be able to join the full household which was impossible before because Squeaks attacked the other cats if they came near her.


Maggie I am sorry for our loss. I know Squeakers found a good home with you surrounded by love. You made a difference in his life. Hugs


So sad to hear about Squeakers. He was a sweet guy. Take care of Hymie and give her extra hugs. She will also feel his absence greatly.


So sorry, Maggie. I remember when Hymie and Squeakers came. Squeakers was lucky to end his life with you and not in that hoarder's home. Thank you.