Rescue Journal

busy mind day

Carol  ·  Sep. 6, 2012

we tried charley with go. charley was far too aggressive and jumped her immediately. on to plan B..when she is bigger, she will join crosby and loretta..and if nugget ends up being a rooster, with just the two of the females in there, it really won't matter.

dixie is home finally so all is right in my world again. now we just have to get her accepted by flicka before winter but we have plenty of time left before the cold weather to get there. dixie does seem to quite like her new barn, she has already been rolling around in it cuz it is so much bigger than she is used to.
so glad you are home again dix...i really missed you.

the vet appointments got re-booked to tomorrow cuz the vet we needed to see was off worked out better for me because it was such a busy minded day.

achilles went home today so i bet he is pretty darn happy. really super sweet cat tho, i was glad to get to know him again.

today there were a ton of deep thinking emails but on the plus side, the phone didn't ring much for a change.

i want to send positive thoughts to our friend mary-jo..she is having surgery and we wish her a speedy and smooth recovery and a bunch of warm hugs!



I can see Dixie looking longingly towards Flicka in the other barn! Not really coz I know the doors are closed, but it's so cute with her head hanging out! Now I can finally meet her!