Rescue Journal

i am sure there are 15 people out there just waiting for the chance to hear my great speech!

Carol  ·  Sep. 13, 2012

are you kidding sheila...ya couldn't think of something more exciting than that to put on your list????

so lets talk about this great speech..wanna know what i am going to talk about?
well i haven't clue...sheila says i have to be engaging, funny, intelligent, articulate and make everyone cry. she said i should be thinking about it and writing myself notes.

hah..i think i will not think about it at all and just wait and see what the heck flies out of my mouth!

i do think it is pretty damn great tho that Bif Naked took the time to create an art peice for us!
and i love that her old 15 yr old deaf/blind dog has his own twitter page where his favorite things to do are biting and sleeping AND his name is NICK NAKED! my kind of dog with a damn cool name!

sorry i haven't posted much in the past couple of has been really busy and i am utterly bagged when i get home.

so here is the quick news...

janice, lexi and erin moved the little mini pig family out to their new house and home today..they all seem to really like it!!!

new incoming tomorrow..little, old, blind, rotten ears. rotten mouth and some kind of liver disease cocker/corgi cross...his name is benji and i think he was maybe an spca cruelty seizure. i am not really sure cuz we were also discussing some for sure cruelty seized cats and i might have him mixed up with them...i will find out his history when i pick him up tomorrow.

achilles is back for a few days..his folks are off galavanting again. he was not the least bit upset to be back here...made himself right at home up in the suite and is watching the planet of the apes movie AGAIN!

and other than that, i really don't have too much news.. just that i am tired and have been going to bed really early. i have already been asleep tonight but had to get up so i checked the blog and saw the reference to my upcoming and rivetting speech....oh my freaking god, are you kidding me???!!!



Maybe Achilles would like to watch The Sound of Music. I know the MP room guys love that show (they insisted I put it on before I left Wed.).
Great movie, great music.

Bunny Horne

I am meeting up with Maggie (1000Saints) tomorrow prior to the Gala to pass along her Collector Cards. If anyone is interested in a set of cards (mix and match even) let me know - you can give your $$$$ to Maggie tomorrow night and I will ensure she has your cards. email me at home or through my website


I didn't say take notes. ,,, I know better. I asked you to think about it a lot though