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tales of a bitchy cat

Carol  ·  Sep. 15, 2012

ahhh babette.

yesterday was not a good bitchy babette day.

the day started off with her nailing me with a claw before i had even opened her cage. i did open it anyway and gave her breakfast and then left the door open cuz maybe she would be happier if she wasn't confined.

eventually she did come out and then almost took out krista by darting thru her legs when krista came in to the room. and suddenly bitchy, scary cat babette was loose in the mp room. thank goodness she ran for ed's currently empty room and not out the open door and there krista shut her in til i could get home.

unfortunately ed wanted to come in before i did get home so the staff en mass went in there together and managed to crate her and return her to her cage.

last night i sat down with her and had a long talk. i told her i understood that she was very upset at losing her home, that having to come and live in a shelter was probably one of the worst things that has ever happened to her. i told her i knew she was upset and mad and scared too.
but...there was nothing i could do about it except try to be patient and kind with her until she gives up the angry, i hate this and you and embraces the more ok i will try to tolerate here and you.

come on babette, you are a strong girl...just bend a little bit here..i promise bending a bit really won't break you and staying upset for too much longer is not a fun way to keep living your life.




Hi Kate

I just read this post now. I wondered why you hadn't come... hope everything works itself out for you.

Kate Dumaresq

Not sure if anyone will see this before the Gala.
I was really looking forward to coming tonight, but instead I will be reporting my landlord for harassment and threats. There are two paid for tickets, at the door under the name Kate Dumaresq, that I can not use myself, so I would like to give them to anybody who can use them. I hope the gala is a great success and I will be there in spirit.


I hope someone reads this. Rachel (volunteer) who does the shy guy cat area and maybe also the frail cats cannot make it this morning. She has an emergency with her dog and has to take him to the vet. She is very sorry that she cannot come. I will also email all the volunteers this morning in hopes that someone gets the message.


Tell her to have a chat with Tristie who has adjusted well & can give her some pointers on tollering the shelter life