Rescue Journal

apparently enquiring minds wanted to know...

Carol  ·  Sep. 17, 2012

i just want to clarify that items that came in as donations in the last week before the event may not have been listed on the program,,it had to go to the printers and if we had waited until the day of the event when stuff was still showing up..there would not have been a printed program for the event.
in any case we do greatly appreciate all of the donations that came in, early or late and all of them together helped us to raise money for our vet bills...we are truly grateful for this!

and on to other things....

i had several inquiries today..why was last night so horrible?

1. pepper REPEATEDLY getting stuck in corners and screaming his fool head off to be rescued (mo says that dog needs a round room and she is damn right!)
2. pepper finally deciding to settle on top of maybe on one of the dog beds which set her to screaming her head off next.
3. new max (was benji) stole griffins playpen which totally enraged griffin and got him screaming at everyone and anyone who came near his second best bed.
4. smokey had a bad night with seizures which pissed griffin off even more cuz smokey was in th bed next to griffin and smokey's seizuring kept jiggling the pissed off minpins bed.
5. jazzy just had to start barking hysterically at every real or imagined sound.
6. odie's bowels blew up all over the kitchen floor FOUR times during the night.
7 with my troubles with my sinus's lately, i happened to feel like crap and the icing on the cake was when i sniffed and snuffled one times too many and my nose started pouring out buckets of blood first thing this morning. AND i am starting to wonder if i might be suffering so badly from allergies because i live with too many homeless old wrecked dogs!

i tell you..some nights rescue just totally freaking well sucks.



i was going to say that i have barbara dermott i think that is how you spell it, pic of esther that she sponsored. if she wants it my email address is k9lady@shaw. ca i will send it to you let me know.

Chris T

Carol - apparently there is some mold spore in the air that is really killing a lot of us. I have been going crazy as well. Probably not the dogs. We just need some good rain to beat it all down!

Bunny Horne

Seriously, you think your allergies could be critter related???? By the way, SMOKIE's new hair cut is fabulous. He looks so damned adorable you just want to squeeze him.

Wendy Scott

How is Smokey doing? Has he recovered from the seizures? I hope he is doing better.