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This video will amaze you ...

Jenn  ·  Sep. 17, 2012

Words cannot tell you how amazing this video is hosted by the incredible 12 year old Cole Kennedy and produced by the very talented Shelley Moore. This video was created for and premiered at our Gala on Saturday night. Enjoy!

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I showed this to my grade 6s ( all 90 of them) and they are in awe of Saints and of Cole. Again, I'm so happy to share what Carol does with everyone I know

Judy B

Absolutely fabulous! That young man did a superb job - he was a great tour guide...


Hey great job! I have been a follower of the blog for years but have never actually been to SAINTS and at times I never really knew what animal some of the names were attached to! Still I really enjoy reading about the work and the life and this video was great to help fill in the blanks about how things look. Thanks for the tour Cole!


Cole is an amazing young man. Sheila who acted as Shelley gofer (is that the right word) said she was amazed how Cole could take the information Shelley gave him and turn it into his own voice. Wonder what he going to be able to achieve as he gets older. Ahh Ahh Shelley, I guess you couldn't direct Chewy.

Bunny Horne

Shelley neglected to indicate what a challenge it was to film the barn guys. Chewy (goat) kept head butting her tripod during filming. Then when Shelley would lift it off the ground Chewy would stand on his hind legs to charge her. He thought she was playing with him. As an on-looker I could hear: Shelley - MO run again with Doc - Chewy, stop it, Chewy - go away, Chewy - stop, Chewy....MO run...CHEWY...

Bunny Horne

BRAVO, Cole, you deserve a standing ovation. I truly believe that it is the young people in this world that can make others stand up and listen and eventually take action. People frequently turn a deaf ear to adults or feel we just ramble on and on about this and that, but when a young man like yourself speaks out they WILL listen. You are an amazing young man, your video is superb. Well done, Cole, you have a bright future ahead of you and Saints Rescue has a brighter future because of your video.


I warned ahead of time... that little jewel was on the video. It was very cute.


What a great team !! Cole I loved when Brad starting eating your shoe. Thank you so much for taking the time to share SAINTS with everyone at the Gala & anyone else who gets to see it on You tube.

Sheila & Leila you guys are another great Team, it was a fantastic evening & any little bumps were handled beautifully...SAINTS is very fortunate to have such dedicated & wonderful people behind it.

Sheila do I get a copy of your slideshow ?


Thanks all! Cole is a great guy, very talented, and he cares a lot about SAINTS. Here is the youtube link to the video:


Wow! Cole, Saints could not have found a better spokesperson. And in Shelley, a better photographer. You guys are amazing.


GREAT job! And I don't just mean the video....The volunteers,staff, Carol. You all do an Amazing job! I am glad I got to be a part of volunteering there in the past.