Rescue Journal

teenie weinie

Carol  ·  Sep. 18, 2012

tina is such a pain in the ass..she takes self actualizing to the next level. her rule is..
she will be a good girl and stay in the yard and the house if i stay readily available and accessible for her in the bedroom. but if i am off and busy and dicking around in other parts of the house, then she is going to go find another friend to hang out with.

so when i get home i let everyone out and tina boots off to the barn. she is looking for her good friend mo to carry her around. usually either i finish being busy and i go get her to bring her home...or if i am taking too long at it, she gets bored and comes home on her own.

last night however she took it to a higher level...michelle found her running cross the upper pasture up by the pigs. i am sure that little spoiled rotten missy decided to try finding her "carry around friends" in the memorial garden next!

the problem is...the garden is outside our fence. and teenie weinie tina can easily slip thru the smallest of openings to get there so from her perspective it was a pretty good plan.

i really do not feel like playing hide and seek, and out smart the attention seeking, ancient, tiny, curly haired freak when i get home from work.
while tina thinks the game is fun and worthwhile, i think it totally sucks.

thank goodness michelle saw her and carried her home.

tina was pretty damn happy her "find a friend" plan B worked out so well.



Ha Ha.. I only carry her for half the walk ( I need to drink coffee & smoke the other half )however I am guilty of stopping work to pick her up & give her kisses & pets at every chance I can.

Its funny how she has found herself being a great little barn dog..she finds a sun spot & will curl up to sleep..if that gets to warm..she sneaks under the feed shed where it is cool.

She has the sweetest smile to greet you when you arrive as well as the cutest/coolest hoppity skip jump on the walk...she makes me smile & laugh..what a good dog !!!

francesca wilson

Hi Carol, Marie and I will be at SAINTS tomorrow.
Thank you


Omg the way you write things is so hilarious! We will keep our eyes wide open for little miss teeny weeny cutie pie escape artist! Have a great day!