Rescue Journal


Carol  ·  Sep. 19, 2012

first good nights sleep i have had in a long while..the new girls were stellar..they quietly slept!

jan (who brought them) spent the night in the suite with a few other rescues that she is transporting. so if anyone knows anyone looking for...a beautiful half grown DSH tabby female kitten, or super sweet adult tiny pom/chi crosses (3), or a perky and cheerful 12 yr old chi boy..let me know and i will pass the info on how/where to adopt one of these cuties.

i have a weeks holiday next week, except i have picked up 5 casual shifts in mission...hmmm. not sure why i thought working a full work week was any kind of vacation but apparently i thought that when i booked those shifts. the good news is..i have my last set of booked vacation time the end of oct/beginning of nov...someone remind me NOT to book in any extra shifts!

everyone is still sleeping and snoring around here...apparently fate, the gods, the moon and tides all together determined that last night was for universal rest and peace. i hope this is not a single night occurence...maybe a cycle of a couple of weeks?????

and i guess i better get ready for work instead of sitting here wishful thinking.



barbara and meghann..the dogs are still with janet..they are all down here for dentals and then going back up to 100 mile..i will pop her an email and give her both of your email addresses.


Didnt take me long to fall either. I know they are in the best hands ever! Huge thank you from myself, 100 Mile AC and Kamloops Animal Control for giving them a safe place to rest. And thank you for a resting place for me.

Barbara T

Would like to know where the 3 pom/chis will be going as I am interested, there is room in the family for another 4 legged member.


sorry kim..yes i did..i was thinking about where we need it most and then forgot to actually answer you..duh!


Carol-- Just wondering if you got my message about the gravel?

YAY! (Shelter Challenge)


I see that, been a good week for Saints, another thousand from the shelter chalenge for bills. Great stuff


Congratulations, S.A.I.N.T.S! - I see you've won the Shelter Challenge Canadian prize! Way to go, voters!