Rescue Journal

laura wins the wounded weekend warrior award for this year.

Carol  ·  Sep. 22, 2012

she bravely put herself between an increasingly overstimulated and overwhelmed brad pitt and her tour group...laura took the swipe of his tusk on her leg. she ended up with 2 layers of deep tissue sutures and a final layer of staples to pull her leg back together again.
so sorry you were injured laura, hope you feel better soon.

and this is a perfect opportunity to remind everyone to be careful around all of our animals but especially the large barn guys. the barn guys weigh many hundreds of pounds, they are extremely large and powerful irritated head swing can do a lot of damage to us frail humans. we need to be very respectful of their personal space and boundries, their moods and esp. their strength.

brad is a great and gentle pig...and that damage was minimal compared to what he really could do. i think we all forget sometimes the risks here because our animals are so good. but we need at all times to remember that first and foremost this is an animal sanctuary and not a petting zoo.



It is important to note here that Brad was not intentionally out to hurt anyone. He gets excited with attention and is quite a bit more excitable/pushy inside his pen..I suspect it is because for the most part when we are going in , we are bringing food.

Brad is a kind pig..he just doesn't understand that he outweighs us..and has pointy tusks.

Just think Laura .. you don't have to make up an interesting story for your many people can say " a pigs tusk got me " Hang in there & see you next WE I hope .

Carol Ann

way to go Laura your big heart shows above all else. . Sure hope it isn't hurting too much. Be well soon. Brad is sorry I'm sure. :)


Well there goes my swimsuit model career :) But like Carol said this is a huge reminder to myself as well as everyone else to really think before we act and always have in mind these are animals and they are often unpredictable....I will be fine....and I still love Brad!


That's too bad Laura, must have hurt lots! Well done for protecting your group and hope you heal fast.


Wow Laura, I don't feel so sorry about my hand now (got bit by a dog last night). That had to have hurt way more than mine.


Good job protecting the tour group Laura, you definitely went beyond the call of tour guide. I'm sorry you were injured and hope you heal quickly! Take care!

shelagh f

Laura, I am so sorry to hear of your injury. Hope you
are on the mend soon.


Oh Laura; hope you're ok - that must have been scarey, especially with a tour group watching. (I guess Hanna is grateful it wasn't her doing the tour today.) You're a trooper, and you do deserve the wounded weekend warrior award for sure! Heal quickly and I hope your leg is not too painful.