Rescue Journal

hope floats for us all.

Carol  ·  Sep. 24, 2012

bad night for my allergies...awake since 330...giant big sigh.

my downer mood continues. i am ok with this tho. i think it is perfectly normal to feel like this once in a while considering my choice of living this rescue life.

still...even in a negative frame of mind, there are things here that give me great joy. like watching twosey lined up next to mom and dad with her little baby bowl of breakfast or dinner filled with tiny peices of fruit that you can see her savor the sweet taste of....mmmm, this tastes so good!

or.... experiencing the trust of little nugget as she perches on my shoulder for a bit. she has grown into a very fine little bird...lucky girl not to have ended her life as an innocent babe left alone in the woods.

and there are broken lives here that give me great was a good thing i was wake early this morning cuz abbey is seizuring and needed me. she is not recovering very quickly so i am glad i can sit here and type and keep an eye on her. and this reminds me why i can't have a home of my own, cuz abbey would have been alone if i wasn't here.

there are so many good and not so great things in that you gain and things you have to give up too.

maybe one day they won't need me...hope always floats for that day too.


Bunny Horne

I didn't intend to indicate that there was a shelter in BC that leaves animals alone for the entire weekend. I have a friend that works for a small shelter in another province and the animals are alone in the evenings and through the night.


Sorry, I just needed to correct a misunderstanding: there is no shelter in B.C. that leaves the animals alone for the weekend. Staff work on weekends and stat holidays and many of these shelters have volunteers come in on those days too.

Bunny Horne

Carol and Janice, ditto everyone else. What is always heart warming is that in your rescues the animals are NOT alone. They aren't shut into a kennel or tiny pen at night or for the weekends waiting for staff to arrive on Monday morning. When Abbey, Smokie or any of the guys are in distress someone (most often you yourself) are there to hold them, comfort them and talk to them until the moment has passed and they are back to their normal selves. Just imagine those animals in shelters or even rescues that don't get that kind of attention and love. I think the fall and the onset of winter is hard for all of us. You are right to not dwell on the yucky stuff but to look to the uplifting things like a wee baby pig eating it's tiny little bowl of food next to her mom and dad.

Marla in SD

I think that Janice nailed it - it's easy to feel down this time of year - so many "summer" projects left undone, shorter days, cooler nights, and just a general knowledge that all the vibrance of summer is ending. I LOVE Fall - I love the changing colors, crisp mornings, the busy little creatures getting ready for their winter naps or travels - but in my heart I know that the cold winter is coming, and even mild winters make me want to hibernate away a few months. But I try to hold on to the hope that Spring is really not all that far away, and then we can watch the world awaken again, renewed and rested.


I agree with Penny. I assume that it would sometimes be hellish living with so many different animals and their various personalities. Off topic. are you enjoying sound on the computer Carol?


Carol & Janice - you are both truly "Saints" in my book. Anyone who devotes their lives to the care of sick, old or unwanted animals, has my total respect and admiration. It takes a very special person to do what you guys do. Hope you both feel better soon.


I too felt this downer mood on the week-end. Knowing winter is coming , so many progects , not enough time and not enough help can be over whelming. I suppose trying to remove oneself from all of it emotionally by being down is the only way to cope..only to recharge , take a breath and get up and go again. Last night i saw Rose my big pig's tail wag in the air and stepped aside to see what she was wagging her tail about. She was sleeping can't get a better testament to the work we do then that . And so another day arises..