Rescue Journal

i am not finished with the bad news here yet tonight...

Carol  ·  Sep. 24, 2012

tess is having a bad time, she cannot get up on her own and is pretty distressed..something is really bugging her in her nether regions but when i try to look closely underneath and behind to see if there is something obvious there, she is determined to bite. i gave her a big dose of tramadol and will give it a chance to kick in before i try again.

abbey has just had her 6th known seizure in the past 24 hours. i called the vet and have doubled her phenobarb dose and hope that this will help to calm her seizure activity but it may take a few days. if she is still seizuring by tomorrow morning i will drop her off at the vets on my way into work. the vet said if she hits a crises tonight, she will meet me at the clinic at any time.
i think it will be a long and unhappy night.

on a more minor note...crash has a massive hot spot starting in his lower flank/groin...probably too much pond time over the weekend. i cleaned it up and started him on antibiotics. hopefully since i caught it quick, it will clear up really soon too.



Brenda, Yoda will be fine. He picked up a bug, at his age it really did a number on his tummy. Got some medicine, so no medicam & bland food for a while. Might be a good time to try Glucosamine for his old sore bones. I love those old bones!!!


Awww Abby &Tess, hugs & prayers for you both. Seizures are traumatic for everyone!. Hope that there is some calm time tonight Carol.


Oh shit, you never know what each day will bring, do you? I agree with Lynne's comments - So sorry Carol, I hope it is better news for Tess and Abbey in the morning - and please get some sleep if you can.

shelagh f

I feel so bad for the dogs, and for you Carol, since
you didn't get much sleep, had a bad day, and now
a bad evening. Wish I lived closer to come you a
hand. Guess I am getting to know the dogs better than
I thought, I thought Tess seemed kind of off this
morning and Erin and I witnessed one of Abby's
seizures this afternoon. I'm sure Erin told you, what
we witnessed lasted about 5 minutes. Hope the meds will
kick in for her and not make her too dopey. She seems
like a pretty sweet dog. Going to be a long night for


Tess and Abby, so many people love you. Be strong. Know that we care about you and are thinking about you, lovely dogs!


oh come on tess, sweetheart , you are such a good good dog please hang around for awhile longer. and abbey hope you can stop your seizuring. hugs to you both.