Rescue Journal

pete was euthanized today

Carol  ·  Sep. 24, 2012

he collapsed on me on saturday evening at bedtime and he was down again today. his last bloodwork showed there were so many things wrong for him and the pain and vitamin injections were really just bandaides. pete was entering the realm of the ancient and nothing was going to return his youth and his strength again.
i made the decision to let him go..the last thing i wanted for him was to sink so low that every day was a burden to live. he was so weak now and emaciated, it just seemed too unkind to make him go thru the final process of infirmity until i helped him to pass.

i remember pete even just a year ago as a going concern. he was first to break thru a gate and cause me all kinds of grief when i was trying to get everyone fed and settled to bed. pete loved to play battle..who doesn't remember him standing 7 feet tall on his back legs as he prepared to engage in a mock battle with us. and i can still see him running his funny cowboy wide awkward leg lope when he was determined to get somewhere before i could stop him.

pete has been here for many years..he came down from an isolated mountain where he and his friend were abadndoned to fend for themselves. his friend was not lucky enough to find her way here.

pete has been a great goat, so full of of the enjoyment of living until just recently. his full name was pokey pete cuz with his perpetual grin and and his trade mark piece of hay in his mouth, he resembled a true hillbilly.

we will all miss you pete, and i hope i made the right decision to let you be free today.

rest in peace will always be greatly loved.




Sorry to hear about Pete, he will be missed by the barn group who loved him. He really was a handsome goat! Wish I could get to know all who call the barn yard home


Oh Pete, I will miss play battling with you. You were one amazing goat. Love you sweetie


Rest in peace dear Pete. You were such a gentle soul, you will be missed by the barn folks and your crew.


They say goats have a true sense of humor ..Pete had the best...i am so glad i took extra time this weekend to just stroke and speak to him..and give him cheeses.

It was his time..and he had lots of love and tons of play fights at saints over the years. We will miss yo poke Pete.


Oh Pete :( Secretly he was my favorite goat. RIP Pete!!! May you enjoy "Play battle" up in Heaven where my former pet goats reside.


i am so sorry did not know pete all that much but barn people, i know you all loved and cared for him. glad he came to saints rip pete.