Rescue Journal

heads up

Carol  ·  Sep. 26, 2012

i have booked the rock's euthanization for saturday. while very weak, he is still managng to get around a bit and tonight he was pretty good about having a fair amount of his bedtime soup. BUT... i can hear him starting to occasionally cough and gurgle a bit in his chest and i am pretty sure he is the initial very beginning stages of pnuemonia or some kind of lung fluid collection like heart failure. he is still comfortable and bright but his time is getting really short.

the rock has been such a very great force here since his arrival in the fall of 2007 and since at least this time i can see what is comng, i wanted to give the folks who love him a chance to say their good byes.

tess was sedated with acevet today, muzzled and restrained and shaved down. her back end was wet and matted from leaking urine...i knew i was close to the mark on her having a bladder infection. anyway, it was a really good thing that today we bit the bullet and knocked her out enough to get this done because we did find a couple of maggots and within a day of so, that couple would have grown to hundreds. totally gross and supremely upsetting has been we were right on the ball.

that utter hag mya got abbey on the nose right freaking in front of me! i had an empty cat food bowl in my hand which i whacked her on top of the head with and sent her back into her crate to her bed.
but at least i finally caught her red more wondering if i was unfairly suspecting the wrong dog. poor abbey has another tiny nick but hopefully it will now be her last. and now i can with full knowledge and confidence that i do in fact have the right bastardly jaqualine the ripper dog, try to figure out a long term plan for managing mya the sneaky bitchy slasher.

she is so lucky i don't have an electric chair.



"mean"? To vent and express frustration in the middle of her own pain and anger and inability to fix the world or even just one dog? I'm guessing here, but I get like that sometimes too - doesn't mean I don't love them, or won't continue to do my best to allow them to be who they are, but JUST ONCE please couldn't everyone just get along and pretend we live in some fantasy world where dogs don't bite each other - and old dogs don't die... Keep on keepin' on, Carol - just remember to breathe occasionally;


thats mean carol lol she can not help who she is. is that why they got rid of her


Carol, I just forwarded you an email from Catherine the lady who practices reiki. She wants to come by tomorrow. Details are in the email.


Thanks, will try tomorrow, but probably Friday. I'm so upset. I visited with him last Saturday and he was quite garly sounding and quite unsteady. Gonna miss him ... * tears rolling down***


anyone who wants to see him should come in the next day or so cuz if he crashes, i will take him in early. anytime before the staff leave at 2 is fine...just try to be respectful when visiting that the staff have limited time to get everything done and everyone cared for and it is hard working around visitors so shorter visits would be best.


Carol, I'm not in this Saturday , but would like to come see my boy, the Rock. What time is he booked for?


Carol, when can those of us who are not in before Saturday visit The Rock