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on to other things besides pain in the butt dogs...

Carol  ·  Sep. 28, 2012

bob the bunny is a cute little brute. i sometimes let him bounce around the medical and rabbit rooms while i get everyone settled to bed. he hops into the medical room...checks out who is shut in which pen..tosses some cat toys around and then goes and picks fights thru the wire with leia and lincoln. bob is a toad but i really quite like him.

tess has diarrhea from the antibiotics she is on for her bladder infection and so does ed from the change in canned food. i have started them both on flagyl and gastro diets. but be prepared whoever gets in there first in the mornings, that it probably won't be good.

i petted babette pissed her off and she took a swipe..but i got a full pet in and she missed. she also is actually kind of cute. she stares at me from the end of her cage waiting for me to bring her some food. except when i so rudely touch her, there is no more growling or hissing or trying to draw blood so i am happy to report that we are slowly making progress at babette's personal speed which is barely any progress at all. still if she will give even a 1/16th of an inch..i can wait for a long time to eventually win the full mile.
hope floating for the beauty in the beast to emerge before too much longer.

crash's hotspot is clearing up quite well.
conan continues to be a freaking pain in the ass barbarian wrecking all kinds of my shit.
the rock is still eating his soup every night..maybe the vet tomorrow say it is not quite yet his time.

heads up to everyone lately..i am again getting overbooked at work. thank god they gave me thursday off but i am now working 4 or 8 or 12 hours over the next dozen days so i am NOT going to have much extra time for goofing around.



Wilbur will need meloxicam brought out for him this morning..our stash at the barn is gone

Bunny Horne

MO, I will pick up breakfast fruits and veggies for the barnyard guys for Sunday morning.

Bunny Horne

Thanks Carol. Brent will get as much done as is possible. We are back the following Sunday and Thanksgiving Monday too.


Hi Carol, I know a lot of your dogs are on special diets, but if they're allowed it, a teaspoon of pumpkin for a small dog, or a tablespoon for a bigger one (unsweetened, canned) can help with diarrhea. My border collie girl has intermittent diarrhea- she's got a very sensitive tummy- but the pumpkin clears it up in no more than a couple of doses. Just an idea!


I came today to visit The Rock, he was his usual affectionate, cuddly rubbing up to me self. Purring away sat with me, got up on the table and then came back to my lap for cuddles. His gait was quite wobbly. But what really concerned me was his breathing. Kinda gagging, as if to vomit and very gurgle sounding , hard to breath.


no way are you borrowing my tool..i freaking use it every day on someone...but i will show you what tool to look for so you can get your own.
(if you had said you would take mya tho..i would have given you MY VERY MOST SACRED tool AS A GIFT <em><strong>and </strong></em>found the time to deliver both right to your door within 24 hours! sad, too bad you said no.)


I'll borrow the de-matting tool but I don't think Screech, Oliver (OMG) and Mya would be a good mix. Maybe Oliver and her could nuke each other for having the same pesky problem of believing everything is MINE.


leila..i have a nifty de-matting tool that if she will let you pet her in bed, you can sneak the occasional swipe thru her fur that will loosen the matts and help them fall out. come visit (take mya home!) and i will show you the sneaky nifty tool next time you come.


yes please...the water hauling company wants the trees in the driveway cut back cuz they are scratching their tankers and there is a very dangerous roll of rusted wire deeply buried but sticking dangerously out of the ground in the tree area just to the left of the middle path and about midway down below the barn.

plus all of the airconditioners need to come out AND if brent could look at the laundry area and see if he can comeup with a plan to A. frame and wire it in so mya can't get out..and B)...keeping in mind that we will also have to increase the width of the gate cuz we will no longer be able to lift the broken washer and dryers out over the top of the wire wall when we need to get them out.

i do realize he can't do all of that in one day so the trees and the buried wire are the first prioriy if that is ok?


Talking about untouchable cats Carol, how do you get mats out of a cat that you can't groom. Little Face has 3 or possibly 4 mats on her back end. Her hair looked funny there so I was quickly able to touch and count them before she took off on. In 4 years, she has never had a matting problem and all of a sudden out of the blue she has mats. Although she sleeps up next to me and lets me pet her, there is no way in hell she is going to let me groom her. She also won't let me pick her up so there is no way in hell I am going to get her into a crate to take to the vet or groomers. Any suggestions? Thank heaven Lotus has short hair

Bunny Horne

Carol, since you are tied up on Sunday working your guts out do you have any specific chores for Brent?