Rescue Journal

when the going gets tough...

Carol  ·  Oct. 6, 2012

might as well whine.

trying really hard, not to be sick anymore. this morning it doesn't really feel like i am making all that much progress with this. i am pretty much dreading the day yet to come.

i really just want to go back to bed and watch the avengers a few more times.

yesterday went really well with The Envision corporate volunteers...what great group of people! They dug us our 4x4x4 drainage run off catch basin pit...filled it with rocks and then re-covered it. many wheelbarrows full of rocks got picked up from the lower pasture which will save our barn guys feet, the memorial garden got a good raking, a bunch of weeds got pulled, sam and leah got brushed within an inch of their lives and all i had to do was hold myself up on a gate somewhere and try to look reasonably alive.

still i did crash and burn for a couple of hours once everyone was gone for the day....that was nice.

today i do have to do a feed/litter run and i have a community function to attend this afternoon so there will be no crash and burning until after barn bedtime. already i am so looking forward to my slow, silent and suffering thru this rotten cold, bedtime.



I almost never have time to read the blog but just did! I'll pass the message on Brenda- hope your Dog feels better! Also hoping someone can brush me up on the new protocols with the pooches since I've been away from the house for two weeks :)


brenda i will come in tomorrow for awhile cant stay long but will do what i can. hope your doggie is okay.let us know


To Sunday House volunteers (Dionne, Susie and Justine) - One of my dogs (Tinker) has been vomitting and had liquid diahrea all day, and I just spoke to my vet (yes, I have his personal number), and he wants me to bring her in 1st thing in the am to Surrey (and I live in Hope), so I am SO sorry, but I will not make it to SAINTS tomorrow. I hope someone reads this and can pass it on. I did just email Nicole as well to let her know. (It's great to have a vet open 7 days a week).


monday would be great michelle..i am working til 430 or 5 so the help would be great!


Hi Carol, I'm off at 5 today so can come help with barn bed time, BUT, I can't come tomorrow to do my usual, I'm so sorry. I can come on Monday tho, if you need the help.
Hope you feel better soon