Rescue Journal

sadly icky at saints

Carol  ·  Oct. 7, 2012

no water since yesterday cuz i am stupid. i thought there was enough to last until sunday...apparently i was very mistaken. i am getting desperate and do hope the delivery happens soon cuz i just love to wash myself up with baby wipes, live in a house full of incontinent dogs with empty bleach buckets and have 2 toilets that do not flush...i am pretty much ready to move....a highrise apartment in downtown vancouver is looking pretty damn good.

it so sucks to be stupid.

last night i lay in bed, hovering close to utterly miserable...smokey lay on my right side with his head on my shoulder...licking my neck....daphne lay on the left and was licking my face and head...joey was at my feet, occasionally licking them too. and while i appreciate their sharing of moisture, it really did not help all that actually made me feel worse.

please send the water truck soon!