Rescue Journal

it was a truly crappy night...

Carol  ·  Oct. 9, 2012

smokey wandered around knocking bowls of food and water over, driving maybe and griffin totally nuts. and maybe and griffin bitching all night got andy and jesse and jelly and phoebe and odie worked up and reacting til none of us got very much sleep.

some days i freaking hate dogs. i don't know why they can't just bite the bullet and shut up, be quiet and patient and calm when something is going on instead of adding their 2 cents to the escalating chaos. they don't have a brain cell between them that can figure this kind of thing out....sigh...some people are sort of like that too.

i call it the wind up...everyone starts getting anxiously high on some little trauma until it becomes a tidal wave.
it is beyond stupid and i have to spend hours getting everyone back down to reality again.
and the reality is...smokey and whatever he is doing is not anyone's big problem...carol is the real big problem so shut up, lay down and go to sleep and maybe she will eventually just go away.

it's exhausting.



You can get one of those switch covers used for outdoor plugs at home depot for not very much $. they just screw on and the little cherub would have to learn how to flip the lid up while simultaneously flicking the switch. Not.


yes he is. like 10 times a night..little energy sucking bastard!
i have been thinking about converting to clap on clap off and getting rid of the switches altogether..ziggy can't clap.


Yeah, the barn, with Ziggy the light switch monitor, that would be restful.

francesca wilson

Carol sorry this is a bit late letting you know. Marie and I will be at SAINTS next Wednesday not today (I think we marked the calendar today).
Thank you


sounds like you need to set up a cot or an air mattress for yourself in the BARN so you can go out there and sleep peacefully surrounded by the lovely smell of hay and the calming, restful breathing of large animals! LOL!