Rescue Journal


Carol  ·  Oct. 11, 2012

i have to admit that while it felt pretty good to be back to 4pm i was ready to crash and burn. homecoming wasn't all that great either..between the mp room and my bedroom..there was an awful lot of soaked pee pads. i have my bedding in the washer and hopefully will toss one more load in tonight before i flake out completely.

the winter supply of hog fuel was delivered today, the cows are over the moon wih their new big pile to play with. also the big feed/litter order and the stall shavings were delivered so the barn folks had 3 major delivery disruptions to screw up their day.
now i just need to get in a load of sand and a ton of de-icer and the ready for winter wet and icy ground stuff is all here.

i am thinking that smokey might have seizured between the time i left this morning and erin arrived. she said he was acting pretty damn weird when she got here...he seems ok tonight.

big sigh..i can see thru the cameras that there is far too much rat activity in the barn tonight..someone has had babies and they are out of the nest and romping around. i don't mind a few out there but can't let them turn into an army..i swear to god, if left alone to just keep breeding and breeding and breeding... those furry little beasts would take over the world.

if someone would just invent a palatable birth control feed for rats..i would be very happy to feed the little sex maniacs all that they want. unfortunately, i need to step up population control...before they are out of control. in 6 weeks, 6 rats can become 36, in 12 weeks, there will be almost 200...their breed-ability is totally and completely insane.

i am pretty happy with how chloe is doing...she is coming out and now when we accidently run into each other, she freezes and waits while i back off to give her more space instead of immediately darting under something. my goal is to get her to the point that she will comfortably watch us from a distance in plain sight, trusting that we have no intention of personally bugging her. then i will be able to easily keep an eye on her if her anything about her or her health negatively changes.

did i not say, not too long ago, that i absolutely did not want to take in any more ferals?????
oh least she has safely made the transition out of the cage, and has some much yearned for freedom again.
ferals are so not my forte....i am much better with tame but gawd awful bitchy cats.

which reminds me..babette. she is not quite so enraged anymore (unless you are rude enough to try to touch her)..but i will say that this little cat has tragic eyes...i hope one day soon, she heals from the effects of her upside down life and can feel some kind of peace and contentment here.



Carol, I won't be in tomorrow. I'm not feeling very good. Let me know that you got this. Sorry :(


There's a company called Senestech, in Flagstaff, AZ, which is currently working on a safe and effective birth control pill which sterilizes female rats. Apparently in China, they feed something similar in a food-flavored pill, and it's quite effective. Point being- there is hope that one day the sight of rats won't necessarily mean you have to cause a death. I know, I'm strange for looking it up, right?


good point. but......not like humans. we are far more destructive and devastating as a species to the entire planet.


Quote: " i swear to god, if left alone to just keep breeding and breeding and breeding… those furry little beasts would take over the world. "

Like humans?