Rescue Journal


Carol  ·  Oct. 12, 2012

i woke up at 1:30 to a gawd awful smell...someone had pooped and smokey was in the process of trundling thru it a half million was a gross clean up. the good news is...i am regaining the ability to actually smell. the bad news is poor smoke is totally out to lunch right now with the new phenobarb dose. hope he settles out soon.

i have finally been forced to turn on some heat around here. it so sucks to still be hauling water in and have to have the heat on too. we can barely afford one or the other...both at the same time sucks. but the animals have to drink, and i can't stand to see them shiver so what the hell can you do????

i have booked a repeat ultrasound for mystic on nov. the 6th. i guess we better look at if a mistake was made on her original diagnosis/ultrasound...she is doing so well. the thing is..if that fuzzy white joyous dog is not palliative, i have totally ruined her for adoption. there is no way that butterfly free spirit would want to clip her wings and have to live with actual rules. i will tell you this tho...if she ain't dying, then i can start giving her shit for eating my house...the chewed woodwork and moldings bug me the most.

well..i better get moving. thank god i only had three shifts to do this week. just today and tommorrow and then a couple off and hopefully by then i will be 100% not feeling like shit...hope floating for me!



There is nothing like a mystic greeting.....nothing like paws on the shoulders, tail wagging, dirty paws and all. What a great ball of energy!


I was wondering if you might be able to do the tour tomorrow for Hana?

Let me know thanks!


I am sure someone would love to adopt a ruined Mystic and continue allow her to be ruined - not mant but there will be someone out there that love Mystic just the way she is - even if that is you.

Carol dogs are phoebe, daphne, benny and june...mystic is a saints dog..altho i may have to adopt her after totally ruining her!

janet nicholson

Here's hoping Mystic was misdiagnosed - it would be so totally wonderful! Keeping our fingers crossed for her.