Rescue Journal

well...the pond is full again.

Carol  ·  Oct. 14, 2012

this means the well is viable again. we just have to finish off the water in all of the holding tanks, then i will switch back to the well.

i moved nugget in with the other chickens, she is pecking on crosby and that is not allowed.

odie went after abbey tonight when they were all waiting to get back in the house...abbey has a scratch on her nose and odie is back in my bad dog book.

i bought two dehumidifiers today..i just could not stand the moisture build up in the house right now...wet dogs, wet floors, wet laundry, wet windows..i felt like i was living in a sauna. they are helping quite a bit.

i just put the last load of house laundry thru...the shop laundry is still pretty backed up.

the phone/cable/internet was out since 10 pm last night but it is all back on again now.

both the barn and the house kept blowing breakers today, not sure why that it but it was a pain in the butt. i should do my personal laundry tonight but i have a lingering sinus headache from this cold so i think that i won't.

i think that is pretty much all of the news today...not much to report except we all got freaking wet.


Ian and Mary

I wonder if the dehumidifiers are blowing your breakers? I think they may gobble up plenty of power.

shelagh f

slight change of subject, but I just looked at my
schedule for this week, and I am working Mon, Tues
not Tues Wed. Oops, no big deal but I did say I
would be there Monday, so it will be Wed or Thursday. Glad I checked my calender, only goofed up three times in 40 years.The laundry must be horrendous, the usual stuff and even if you dried off
a few wet dogs, you will have a mountain.


The cable/internet was out in Hatzic as well. My son-in-law said that Shaw's voicemail message said it was out from Maple Ridge to Mission!


I want to thank Wendy and Jade who came out for their first volunteer shift today in the house - You were a big help, and I appreciated that you were willing to do whatever was needed - with enthusiasm! Hope to see you next Sunday


it was out all over missiom from downtown up to saints. do not think they could have stole enough to put all of mission out.


I found out why the cable/internet/phone was out.I got a friend close to saints and I was dog sitting for her.She texted me to say thieves STOLE copper/metal wiring!