Rescue Journal

molly 3 has passed away.

Carol  ·  Oct. 15, 2012

molly was a sweet rotti that we took in a couple of years ago and sent out into permanent foster care. she had early hip dysplagia so we kept her as a foster so her medical bills wouldn't be a huge burden to her new home. it was a good thing we did because last year she needed knee surgery. molly was still pretty young and she needed her knees in good shape to help with her bad hips.

a few weeks ago, molly started losing weight and became reluctant to eat...bloodwork, xrays, and an ultrasound could not find the underlying cause and molly continued to fail. she was finally diagnosed with terminal bone marrow cancer. her foster dad was devastated.

molly was greatly loved for the last 2 years of her life. she had a good friend in dough-boy, her rotti brother and she had brandon, her very own human who loved her as much as any dog could ever dream to be loved.

i think molly 3 was barely 8 years old at the end of her life and the first 6 years for her were pretty tough.

sometimes i wonder about these animals that just can't seem to get a break..they finally get the life of love and kindness they deserve and then a freak cancer steals it away?

but i am so thankful that molly's last two years were in a home where she was deeply loved. my deepest condolences to brandon for the loss of his friend, and my greatest thanks to him too for giving molly a very happy life in the end.

sometimes life can be so sad and unfair.

rest in peace molly, you were a very good girl.....and you were deeply loved by your family who misses you so much.



It was always obvious when they came into the clinic, how much Brandon truly loved Molly. Molly clearly loved him right back and was just thrilled with life itself. My deepest sympathies.


Good for you Lynne and Big Bambi! (I'm sure living with Lynne; Big Bambi needs a blessing every once in awhile) Couldn't resist Lynne! I miss being able to give you a hard time on Sundays.


I remember Molly 3. She had personality plus. I just love strong female personalities. It is so sad that she had to go so soon. My condolences to her human and her canine companion.

Wendy Scott

Sorry to hear about Molly. Carol, I just heard about Smokey's episodes of seizures. How is he doing? He seems to be seizuring more. I pray that this can be controled. I thank you Carol and the Saint's staff for being there for the animals. Love you Smokey and Ewok.


on a different note, just wanted to let everyone know that saints set up a booth in mission yesterday at the anglican church for the blessing of the animals. took big bambi with me. she was soooo excited, got lots of attention, the minister said she was a very good girl and we made some money besides.great people and great dogs there.


so so sorry brandon and thankyou carol for giving her a chance at a warm loving home. 2 years of love is better than 8 years of a crappy molly


The referral to SAINTS for Molly3 came thru me initially. I'm so sorry that your time with her was cut short and I thank you Brandon for loving her.


I am so sorry to hear of Molly's passing. Brandon my heart goes out to you. Take good care & let Dough-boy comfort you, he knows you are hurting . Thank you for loving Molly they way she should have been loved her entire life. She is with you still and always will be.

A good man & a good dog, together always.

Run swiftly & pain free Molly, you have friends at the bridge waiting to welcome you.

Ann C

So sorry Brandon and thanks for loving Molly so well....sweet dreams Molly.