Rescue Journal

todays stuff.

Carol  ·  Oct. 15, 2012

it ended up being a big vet day today. some folks brought us an old sick, skinny stray that we sent right down to the vets.i said it was ok to do bloodwork and whatever while the clinic traced the tattoo. they did track down the owners, and i was fine with paying the bill. he looked to me to be hyperthyroid so maybe if i am right, his family can start him on meds.

while i was calling in to check on the stray, i found out harry, one of our foster cats is in too today. the clinic said he has been weak and lethargic and he is staying overnight. i will phone again tomorrow to see how he is doing.

we had to suddenly take lottie in to the vets today too. she has done something to her right back knee...she is very painful and won't weight bear so we moved her via stretcher. i left her at the clinic for xrays and i am to call back in half an hour to see if she is awake enough to come home. it does sort of suck to be going back into maple ridge at the very end of the day but i am really glad th clinic was able to accomondate seeing her on such short notice. dave will probably call me with the results of the xray after he is done seeing patients this afternoon.

besides the vet stuff, i didn't get much accomplished two of the killer sinus headache screwed me up cuz i was planning on organizing the laundry shelves in the shop....but didn't so that royally sucked.

well..i guess i can call the clinic now, i will update on lottie later when i know more.