Rescue Journal

here is janice's update on the barn happenings!

Carol  ·  Oct. 17, 2012

Flicka didn’t get hay on Sunday night ;o(( No wadding in sight and she leaves it all for me every morning.

We are getting down in our nicer hay of the lot , the rest is pretty coarse even the cows don’t like it. Almost due for a new order ..

We have a tad over a weeks worth left of Wilburs fancy Tramadol.

Chilko (janice's saints foster dog) chewed up a delivery of a vet book today the morons left in the yard and in the freaking rain. So she is only partially responsible.. ya ya ya

Gideon had a awesome shit in his house this morning and I saw him take another just before I brought him in tonight YAY.

Ellie was very nice to Wilbur this morning and is equally nice to the mini pigs when they hustle past her and sniff her toes. She was not impressed with the peanut butter sandwich I made for her but finally chewed it over , spit it out , sucked on it and then finished it . … she says she has to acquire a taste for it.

Wilbur just about comes apart at the seems for his peanut butter sandwich ;o)

Flicka.. I felt really sorry for her today. Ziggy got the zoomies and Flicka was trying to keep up to him to keep Dixie away from ziggy.. it was really sad as she was struggling to keep up . I was just coming around to let the cows out and Ziggy flew in with Dixie after him at a full gallop. Dixie was full of piss and vinegar and I shut her in the ring ( ziggy flew out) to let her get it out . She was bucking and kicking and charging around , in fact her kick was directed right at me behind the gate as she was pissed I locked her behind it. But Flicka could not keep up and I didn’t want her to really hurt herself in trying. Flicka just wanted in the barn after that … instead I brought out hay for everyone and let Dixie back out and everything was peaceful again. I watched her trying to keep Dixie away from Czar earlier..

Carl is with the cows because he was being a complete assole to Doc in the goats pen. Spitting at him and chasing him away from the hay. Its bad enough with Chewy and Gilbert not letting Doc eat never mind Carl now too.

Lexy and I ,mickey moused the lower fence where the dogs have been digging at the mini pigs pen .. just a deterrent really .not a good job by any means.

(my apologies to flicka over the missing hay on sunday,,i will make it a point to double check that no one gets accidently missed again and i will order wilbur's tramadol...need to talk to you about the hay before i order more so we get the right stuff, we all know i am clueless on which kind is which!)



I'm with you there, Brenda. Don't do sitcoms either but will watch Big Bang Theory some days.


Carol; Even if you don't watch Big Bang Theory, you should borrow the DVDs from Bunny. It's hilarious. I'm not into sitcoms, but I really like that one.

Bunny Horne

Got the note for Brent. Thanks for the heads up Mo.
Will bring some veggies and fruits for barn guys breakfast on Sunday.


Lol..the sunday night feeding saga.. and all because " The Princess " was using Flicka's stall as her very own personal lounge.. I hope she at least had her cubes.

Extra apples for flicka this week-end :-)

Note for Brent - need to fix fence where Teddy & family live

Bunny Horne

Yay Turtle Gardens, I've been casting my votes in their direction.

Carol do you watch Big Bang Theory? Just doing maraton viewings of Seasons 1 and 2 and if you watch it I will pass on the DVDs your way.


omg that's my fault, I forgot to double check that they all had hay, after my episode with Dixie eating Ziggy's food then me knocking over the balance, and Ziggy kicking at the air, he was so pissed "How could I do that to him??" I'm sorry Flicka and Ziggy. I will do better on Sunday!


Sorry for the no hay for Flicka on sunday, I will apologize to her on Saturday when I'm there. I was going to leave a note in the feed room, but forgot. Ellie had decided that Flicka's stall was where she wanted to stay on Sunday so I didn't put any in there, cause we all know that you don't disturb the princess!