Rescue Journal

note to myself....

Carol  ·  Oct. 20, 2012

do not wear rubber boots into the mp room....wet floors+rubber boots=big freaking hard fall. so many painful ways.
too old for this high flying, land on my ass shit.

the water finally made it here just before noon so we are good to go again.

the mini pigs have discovered screaming and they are teaching their baby. i was just getting the horses settled for bed before i let them out to run like maniacs thru the barn and riding ring but apparently i was not moving quite fast enough. all three pigs were squealing in high pitch at the gate..gracie was literally trying to climb it..and of course they woke brad pitt and wills and charlotte up so they now knew pig dinner was happening and the ear shattering chorus began.

i think i will go have a very long soak in a very hot bath, thank god we have water today.



Hi Cathie

I am glad you liked them! And thanks again for sponsoring our event!

cathie k

Sheila,Just a Thank you...For sending me the photo's of both this and last years Gala...Truth is I was not expecting either of them. Looking at those faces gave my spirit a boost..again Thank you...I would have sent this to your address and not hyjacked Carol's site ,but each time I used your address it returned to me with non-deliverable stamped upon it...Mind you, I'm not great at computers,much better at books..Thank you.Cathie K