Rescue Journal

honestly, i could just freaking scream!

Carol  ·  Oct. 25, 2012

i hate this god damn water is driving me freaking insane!!!!! so the tank is empty but i can see water in the well..i just can't get it to switch over and fill up the pump. i finally got the filter off which is what the plumbers tell me is the problem every freaking time and i flooded the crawl space and myself in the process but i cleaned that sucker and got it back on again and still no water will come up from the well.

i am so fed up with the hassle of no water around here..i swear to god i am going to shut this whole fucking place down and move back into the city!!!!!!

the plumbers can't come until tomorrow...but they will fix the furnaces too while they are here...oh yay..i booked them last week to come and do that anyway.

and this is why you should never dump your annoying wanna-be rescue animal free husband cuz then there is no fix it man around when you need him.

ok..i need to calm down, get dried off and dressed in dry clothes and go and pick maybelle up from the vets.