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oh my freaking gawDDDDD!

Carol  ·  Oct. 30, 2012

what a day.

new dog in...a 10 and a half year old shiba inu which i really had no intention of taking in. he comes with a very strong and long history of dog aggression, has never been around cats so i wasn't holding much hope for for anything good in that respect. anyway..i was pretty much sure this dog was a total no-go..BUT we were his last option cuz the dog really is a bit ofa dick head. his dad was broken hearted at having to give him up (not going into the reasons for this, but i felt they were valid...) and i felt really sorry for him (the dad, not so much the dog.)

so the plan was i would look at the dog, test him out, watch him fail, tell dad...sorry i couldn't help and then at least dad might have felt he had done everything he could if he ended up having to euthanize the dog.

best laid plans of mice and men usually fall apart where shibas are involved. who would have thought A..that i REALLY and IMMEDIATELY liked this dog...he reminds me of clyde except he is not near as mentally messed up. AND B..if the little bastartd wasn't on his very best of behavior..he met rabbits and chickens and cats without blinking an eye...then i took him into the house and tried him first on buddy, then added crash, (well mannered dogs)...added in jazzy who has no manners at all...and finally in desperation tried phoebe who totally ignored him cuz she saw an empty can of food on the counter.

oh shit..the dog is not a maniacal killer, he is just a little prick who is fine as long as other dogs leave him alone. this means i can manage him so...saints welcomes rizzo.

we set him up in the laundry room..loose when we are here...crated when we are not. i took him for a walk when i got home, and then let him loose in the laundry room while i sat down and blogged.he jumped over the gate (than god odie was sleeping) and came right to the computer room door. rather than risk odie the beast waking up..i let him in here with me (and everyone else...) and he is wandering around checking everything out handling it all fairly well. he gets a bit growly when anyone trieds to sniff his butt when when they back off he lets it all go. the stupid freaking cats are rubbing around his face and he really doesn't mind that at all.

i do think he will be a bit of problem and management issue around here cuz shibas are naturally lofty, snobby, bitchy dogs but i think we can manage him here.

jenn and i were at a fundraiser barbacue/picnic for saints a while back...and there was a pack of 5 shibas running around and i told jenn they reminded me of velasoraptors (SP?) ...and really, these dogs do. anyway...rizzo is here cuz he decided to be a pretty good boy (at least for the moment) and i am quite drawn to him.

but i have a feeling that pretty soon i will be regretting taking him in but that is nothing new. we got it together for mya and odie so i know we will get it together for rizzo too.

and rizzo isn't the only new dog in here today...but the other will be gone by tomorrow for sure. someone brought us a stray at the end of the day but he for sure has a decent home who will be looking for him. so he goes off to animal control in the morning so his family can find him. i set him up in a medical room pen, fed him, walked him, given him some toys and a bit of cuddle care.

i do want to remind the world in general that while you absolutely have to pick up stray dogs when you find absolutely also have to be willing to safely keep them until the next morning when animal control opens again. we are NOT animal control and i already have 130 animals to look after at night..i sure as hell do not need one more.

rizzo is curled up on a karunda bed, looking at me from across the room. welcome honey, i think i am going to love you.



K thank you, I will call animal control in the morning....hope he didn't ruin too many things lol


my stray got picked up by the owners this morning (after he chewed his way THRU the wire of his pen!)


Carol, a stray showed up on my doorstep about half hour's not your stray is it? It's a small retriever looking dog with a tag. I hate fireworks!


Shibas....Used to be a mother and son who came to the dog daycare I worked at.Definitly had jekel and hyde personalities!


maybe we should still look at redoing the laundry rooms entrance...theres always SOMEBODY who can jump the gate.

shelagh f

Different dog, yikes

If you see it , he will come. Remember, he is a
bit of a dick head too. You will need a bigger


hi and Happy Howloween every one' just thought i'd mention C.Millan (dog whisperer is in Abby on Nov the 6 th & tickets are on groupon for 44 $ each.(reg 80.$ (if interested.

And i am so sorry for all the losses that you have had 'also very sorry i have not been abled to help lately ' ox Pollyb


i can't get my email to stay on long enough to send you a response carol..but YAY!!!!!

that is a DIFFERENT dog shelah!


for everyone...having big internet problems tonight...can only do one thing, then i lose it, have to troubleshoot it and can do one more thing. it sucks so i am not answering any more until i can get shaw out to fix it.

shelagh f

Seems to me that if you meet the dog, you are hooped,
much easier to say no when you haven't met them. I thought
you weren't going to see the dog till Thursday? You
are such a push over.


I had a feeling he wasn't going to be the dog as described.. just had a feeling!

Welcome Rizzo!