Rescue Journal

unhappy halloween.

Carol  ·  Nov. 1, 2012

we had our first little scrap at 0630 this morning...i was up and checking the emails and both rizzo and mya were asleep in the crates, so i opened their doors so they could come out when they awoke. i didn't notice rizzo wake up or his brain fart when he decided to quietly wander into mya's crate. but mya noticed right away!

anyway..the scrap was on, luckily i was right there and broke it up before any harm was done. i gave both of them shit...jeezus rizzo are you freaking stupid to walk into an occupied crate??? and fer chrissakes mya, don't be such a freaking hag...he just made a little mistake!!!

damn dogs.

halloween wasn't TOO bad...just a few audible fireworks up here..the dogs mostly handled it well. i still hate those freaking things tho..they cause so much unnecessary terror and suffering to all animals everywhere. what is it with humans who like big play time explosions?..why not go to war or something and experience the real thing first hand.

well the truth of the matter is...the shelters will be full over this and the road side ditches will have dead and terrified animals rotting in them...what a freaking waste because humans are just having fun??? try playing scrabble or something else less hurtful and destructive.

busy day again today..i guess i better move my butt.



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I couldnt agree more! So stupid. Last night i was stupid and thought my dog would be okay if we stopped at safeway on the way home from her doggy class, i just needed milk, five mins. I came out of the store to find her trying to wedge herself under ther drivers seat- someone was setting off fireworks in the fricken parking lot of safeway!!! Jesus. My fault because I shoulda taken her home first, but come on people. Go away...