Rescue Journal

i tried really hard....

Carol  ·  Nov. 2, 2012

to impress upon the douglas college students yesterday...

that i was not crazy.

that actually living here with this level of senior and special needs animals is not only practical but necessary. we have 5 seizure dogs, 2 of which are prone to multiple cluster seizures, 5 diabetics who could potentially go hypoglycemic and into a coma if someone isn't keeping a 24 hour a day eye on them. we have animals with the potential to stroke any moment and we have the ticking time bomb cancer animals who could suddenly have a terminal bleed. there are ancient horses who can suddenly colic, much loved cows who after hours... herniate their bowels, plus we have the dogs who cannot get up on their own, the idiot blind beasts who get stuck in corners and the true assholes who could blow a gasket for some stupid reason and cause all kinds of havoc if someone wasn't here to intervene. and lets never forget exactly how much poop and pee could accumulate between 5pm and 9 am the next morning if someone wasn't here actually cleaning it up periodically...the incontinence factor alone is MIND BOGGLING!

so obviously ...i am not crazy.... i am freaking NECESSARY....duh. and i really mean...DUH!

and if one of you so much as dares to point out the utter lunacy of actually exclusively rescuing these kinds of universally messed up animals...i will blacken your eye.

let me have my not so crazy illusions or i just might break down and cry.


Wendy B

Hi Brenda....I am so glad it even helped a bit....please keep it and use it on anyone who has the hot spots or skin problems. If it helps more then just let me know when it runs out and i will get more for you.


Hi Wendy: Sorry, I just saw your post now. (Fri night) It semed to help a bit. I put some more on him after his bath on Sunday, but I haven't been back since, so not sure. I did tell Carol too - very nice of you to give us some to try for his itchy skin areas. Thank you - and it smells really nice too. I will use it again, as long as there is no adverse reaction.

Wendy B

Hi Brenda / Carol

Just wondering if the Hot Spot shot helped Chance and his itchy skin?



A friend of mine has some good news for SAINTS. Her boss she works for has decided to forgo a Christmas party and will donate that money to the charity my friend chooses She chose SAINTS!


Lol.. Now here is the really scary thing..half the time I am envious..mind you I said half and that is probably when I am not in my right state of mind !!

What you do is incredible...and the fact that you can do it, is mind boggling. I wish there was no need for a place like SAINTS.

On a separate note..remember Carley, ? Sheila called me & gave me a heads up to come over & visit as she is fading & will most likely cross over next week. If it wasn't for you & SAINTS she would have crossed years ago & never had the chance to climb mountains, visit barns & meet horses, sleep in bed with her humans. She is a great great dog & it would have been such a shame for her to cross sooner than she had to.

Carol Ann

No need to blacken my eye lol I totally get it. I rarely go out because I am needed here. Poor senior and sick animals NEED lots of TLC and so many people just throw them away. So glad SAINTS is here to help. Thank you for all your sacrifices and they are many. Hope Turtle Gardens gets some much needed money too!


There are many of us who totally admire the work you do every day but we may not let you know. There is no other rescue quite like SAINTS. I own 3 senior dogs and I know how much work they are with health problems, etc.

SAINTS can't win the Shelter Challenge this time and you have supported Turtle Gardens. Can people please vote for them. They are first in Canada right now but the gap to second place, is narrowing every day and I would hate to see them lose by a hair. Dogs up north have very few options and are often shot or left to die. Thx.

Bunny Horne

Carol, it's not a crazy illusion. I caught a portion of a Dog Whisperer this week wherein an owner of a senior pitty had no problems with her EVER. He decided to get a new young pitty to the family, but then completely ignored the old pitty. Naturally once loved - now cast aside pitty began to act out aggressively towards everything. Probably most people wouldn't have even caught Cesar's comment "so you have no time for a senior?" It RANG LOUDLY in my head. Apparently the young dog is more FUN - so sad for old achy-sick loyal dog who worshipped the ground dude walked on. CRAZY? You aren't crazy. Sadly, you ARE A NECESSITY. And thankfully you ARE THERE for some very special animals.