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boring stuff

Carol  ·  Nov. 4, 2012

i finally got my bathroom cleaned yesterday afternoon..that may be boring to you guys but i have been trying to get to it since my vacation began. having a hot soaking bath in a sparkling clean bathroom after being out in the sopping wet rain...felt great. i even got all of my own laundry done..most days i am just too bagged out emotionally or physically to do any personal stuff. yesterday worked out decently well for me for a change.

speaking of laundry just a reminder..giant kingsized stuff.... probably belongs on my bed and not on the dog beds AND makes a ton of extra laundry to wash.nothing here stays on the dog beds for more than a few hours so using huge, thick, gigantic blankets and bedding does make the laundry piles grow bigger than actually necessary. less is more as far as keeping our laundry piles under control....ESPECIALLY in this sopping wet weather!

it was a pretty good night, i was only up a couple of times and the animals let me sleep in untl 8 am this morning. but now i better get moving cuz the volunteers will be here soon..time to start another saints working day.


shelagh f

don't know if you will still read this, but if you
want the meds above that Donna S was offering, I
could pick them up some time. I work in Surrey
and live in Langley


I thought you would like to read about another place/person who sees animals very much like you do -
a place that really does focus on the relationships that are built.


thx bridget!!!and you can leave them where ever...we will take care of getting them to the barns.

leila...that was incredibly beautiful. i read sme of the other posts on there as well..the whole blog is lovely!


carol- mum has a box of apples for you! can i stop by this week and drop them off? i could leave it in one of the outer buildings- not the main house or the barn?


Totally off topic to your boring stuff Carol, but I thought you would appreciate this very beautiful story about a Turkey named Ian and his friend named Simone. It is long but very worth the read.

Donna S.

Hi Carol, this is totally off-topic but I was wondering if any of your volunteers live in Langley or Surrey? I've got some left over meds that I was wondering if you could use (Epakitin, prednisone, Thyro tabs, a little bit of Metacam, and also part of a bag of Medi-Cal Reduced Protein dog food). Both of my little seniors have left me now (Max last March, and Roxie just yesterday) :0( and I don't have any need for these meds any more. I thought perhaps you could use them. Let me know and hopefully we can figure out a way to get them to you.

shelagh f

so sorry about that. Will get back on schedule, so
definitely be there one day this week, see how
tomorrow looks, for me, but at least the dogs all
have your food and there are 2 cases of cat in the shop.


i didn't relize that none of the regular dogs got fed canned food yesterday cuz we were out..i went and bought 4 cases today so we are good for this week but will need to go back to picking up more every week. thx shelagh for doing this!

shelagh f

on Friday, I only looked in the shop at food. I didn't check the supplies in the house and mp room. Do you
need canned food? Some day we'll get the meds done.
I am off Mon and Friday this week


hey, i left a voicemail on your cell last night, bear has a bleeding tumor, not bad, i think hes scratched it open, if its ok i was thinking id run him up to you so you could take a look and see if its worth going to the vet?...i dont think so but he may need antibiotics.