Rescue Journal

it was one of those days that...

Carol  ·  Nov. 5, 2012

just fell nicely into place.
thx to lynn and tammy for the help out in the mp room and erin, janice and lexie for a good day where all was really well done.
i walked bru for jenn..held ethan so lindsey could have a shower (he does not like to be put down!)
spent some extra time with all of the mp guys tonight...we moved both max's (crippled max and benji max) over there and that seems to be working well!

i re-cleaned zsu-zsu's pen cuz she is a freaking MESSY cat and i am literally kicking the SHIT out of all of the built up accumulated piles of stinky laundry out in the shop too.

which brings me to a GIANT BIG REMINDER..the laundry piles are right out of control and what i have noticed lately is this...

1.) folks are a bit too eager in their clean freak enthusiasm to totally strip out every area as they clean. i hate to say this but i have found quite a lot of perfectly clean and dry and no way peed on items that just needed shaking and re-folding and re-using for another day or so. i really do not need to be washing and drying and re-folding and putting away laundry that isn't dirty or is a bit of a pain in the ass.

2. it makes absolutely no sense to layer a pee pad, a towel and then a big fleece on a vinyl bed...once it gets wet, it soaks thru all three layers and then i have three layers to wash, dry, fold and put away instead of just one. the vinyl itself is water proof so protecting it with three other layers is pretty pointless.

3. there are far too many very large, take up a whole wash load items being used. the dogs do not need giant thick fleeces, heavy wool blankets, or quilts on their beds... a single easy to wash towel, sheet or fleece will do.

can we please all work together to decrease the volume of laundry around is hugely time consuming and really expensive when we add up the electricity, water, detergent, and staffing costs not to even mention how we are almost monthly killing one or the other of one of the washers and dryers machines and then having to pay to get them fixed.

i am absolutely certain we can do better in this.