Rescue Journal

sooooo...about our little mystical and magical free spirit....

Carol  ·  Nov. 6, 2012

we did mystic's ultrasound today and the results were that her kidney's are misshapen which is characteristic of renal dysplagia but when they delved deeper into interior kidney structures as well, they found everything is as it should be. too bad whoever didn't check deeper with the first ultrasound.

and this means that mystic is not palliative, she is just a sweet little dog with harmlessly odd shaped kidneys.

17 channel changers, 7 pairs of slippers, 4 leather couches, 1 chewed kingsized mattress, and countless chewed upon window and door trims plus the odd outside corner of the house later.....i could have been giving her shit for the past couple of years and i didn't.

the only things that dog knows how to do is chase dragon flies, ducks, crows and june. she has no clue how to walk on a leash or actually behave herself. she does know sit, i had to teach her that for when she was standing on the bed and blocking the tv. but that is about all she knows except how to live happily.


now that she is not actively dying, everyone and their dog is going to try to adopt her...they will all promise to train her. i am not so sure that mystic wants to be trained, she is pretty damn happy with who she is....a magical, mystical, free spirit.

and lets be honest here..i loved and raised that babe to be happy and content within herself every single moment of every single day...i am not about to break her heart and send her away.

mystic can go ahead and cheerfully chew the shit out of my entire world...i am adopting her, she will forever be part of my personal AND saints family.

and that's what happens when you don't double check some other unknown vets ultrasound and learn.



perhaps a good Christmas present for SAINTs, aside from a donation, would be a new set of remotes, just to put in the closet? ;-)

Chris Smith

Yay! Lucky Mystic and lucky Carol to adopt such a lovely girl! Chasing dragonflies- what a life ;-)

janet nicholson

Wonderful news, Carol, and little June will be so happy to know her sister will be with her forever! Mystic truly is a magical creature. God bless her.


AWWWWWWWWWW awsome news no matter ' she is happy as shit and that's what counts ' Yaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay i am thrilled she is fine ''lol just great!!


Mystic brings so much to saints...whoo hoo we will all get to enjoy her and her antics :-)

another Doreen

Yay Mystic! That is such good news!
She is a special and joyful little SAINT and has a role there, just like everyone else!


YAYAYAYA!!!!!! Oh Mystic... You rock! YAYAYAY! Happy dance time! Woot woot!


Only Mystic could give Saints the happy news we needed! Guess we should have known you were a healthy girl, so grateful. Great news Carol that you are making it official, but Mystic has always been yours just ask her.


when i visited this morning, i went to put the apples inside- and OMG those little old dogs were so CUTE! there was a paralyzed king charles... and about half a dozen others that immediately came to sniff and inspect me... it was such a sniff fest i didn't see a lot of their faces too closely- but the CUTEST was a little black one who kept excitedly crying (and had little growths all over). OMG, so squeezeable!
i didn't stay or visit because i wanted everyone to get their after-morning excitement naps (that's how things are done at our house, anyway. :-P)
my dogs were SO excited when i came home- i was thoroughly inspected!


FANTASTIC NEWS! Mystic, you clever girl - who else could have got away with all that damage and mayhem!! Can't think of a happier ending than having you adopt her Carol. The two of you are meant to be together. Does this mean she will get into shit now for chewing any more remotes????


That's wonderful Carol- for both of you. I'm so glad she's not palliative. Nice to hear some good news!

pam in Oz

YAY!! best news I have heard in ages ! Good for you Carol. Adopting her will be the best news Mystic has heard in ages too !
I am so happy


Great news for Mystic and her health. She loves SAINTS and you Carol. Good call on keeping her in your fur ever family!