Rescue Journal


Carol  ·  Nov. 7, 2012

bobo is coming back..apparently he doesn't like men. oh well..i probably shouldn't have sent him out so quickly, i should have taken the time to get to know him but we are so full and i wanted a hurry happy ending story..just one easy peasey senior rescue....just for once in my life.

big sigh..good freaking luck wanting that.

AND..there is another old wrecked pound dog that i sort of said no/yes to. they had saints and another rescue on the intake request email..i said i would rather not cuz we are so full but if the other rescue couldn't help him, i guess that we will.

and i guessed right cuz he is coming tomorrow...the shelter has 25 dogs with only 20 kennels and this dog is apparently old shepX, deaf, lumpy with a head tilt... the timing is becoming critical.

so shit..bobo and this old homeless hobo both in the very same day...someone just shoot me ok????

sometimes i wonder if there isn't an underground, secret telegraph system that automatically sends out a universal old homeless dog message..."hear ye, hear ye..saints had a death (or two)...quick, old dogs make a run for it so you can get in."

despite really missing riley and manny...i was kind of sadly content with the numbers going down a bit.

hobo (and bobo) damn well better NOT be pain in the butts!


shelagh f

ok, now I need Donna S to email me where she lives
and we can meet.


Also Bunny I'm not sure if Brent has done it yet, if not the boards on the back of the cow shed need put back up.


Its probably the same secret telegraph that sends cats messages about my house.


lol..i just made it up! they are calling him tilty...( i guess cuz of the head tilt?)

shelagh f

Carol, the lady who had the meds from a few posts ago,
needed someone who live in Surrey, Langley, if you want
them for pick up. If you do want the meds, let me
know and I could arrange to get them. Also, Tammy
has let me know that Costco has a sale on our Pedigree
so I will stock up on that. Will be out Friday
or Saturday with canned food.


Is that who I ask for Hobo or did you just make that up cuz it rhymes.

Bunny Horne

Carol we are bringing the mechanism for the frail dog bathing on Sunday so Brent can get that installed. He also bought the plywood to fill the spaces between the roof and the walls of the Taj Mahal so the fowl will be a bit warmer during the winter.