Rescue Journal


Carol  ·  Nov. 7, 2012

abbey and smokey both hit the vets yesterday to check their blood phenobarb levels. lottie's bloodwork is back, looks like some kind of liver thing going on..i am to moniter her H2O intake for 24 hours to rule out cushngs before looking further into what is going on.

daphne, maybelle and ollie are all going in today for bladder checks...tina and mini me go in on friday for cardiac checks as well.

the vets did come out to check clara the new goat...not pregnant just starved but now stuffed with a huge rumen filled with hay processing everything that she eats. the vet said in three months or so she should have put on more muscle mass and look universally fat like everyone else.

not feeling 2 of a headache..i hoped to sleep it off last night but that didn't work.

anyway that's the updates and about all bloggng i feel like doing right now.