Rescue Journal


Carol  ·  Nov. 9, 2012

i am not too worried about joes transition into here...he is already old and sick and seems grateful for a soft, quiet bed, some good food and some loving too.

bo however is becoming a bit of a pain in the ass...he jumped june twice on the field run today and just jumped benny when he came into the computer room with me. the good thing about bo is..he is actually responsive to me (unlike odie who just freaking ignores me)...and backs the hell off when i get mad.

in the end, i think bo will be fine here but introducing him and getting him to accept unknown dogs is going to be a process.he already has decided who exactly belongs in HIS computer room or on HIS walks and convincing him otherwise is going to be work.

SOOOOO...for now( at least until bo discovers how large his new family actually is...) i think it is best if he stays in the computer room with his familiar dogs unless i am here to move him around (and scare the shit out of him when he decides to jump someone else.)

and for those who are unsure who exactly is in the computer room right is phoebe, mya, jazzy, crash, buddy and shane...with those dogs he is totally safe.



It's all good, fuzzy headache & sore still, but will be at Saints on Monday. Going thru Saints withdrawal!


erin said she has a slight concussion and just has to take it easy for a few days.
feel better soon jamie!


our beautiful jamie was in an accident last night, and was likely kept in hosp overnight for observation, and will not be at saints today. speedy recovery jamie, hope you are ok! dionne and diana, i will come help at the house after im done the mp room.

Carol Ann

Erin that is funny. one of my kids cut her eyelashes so you see it could be worse lol (wasn't Dionne she was an angel)


mya is doing well shelley!

lol erin...too cute BUT...we should probably childproof that room..there is all kinds of not great shit to get into...meds, syringes... et el..i am thankful she just found the scissors!
i am so out of practice in thinking in small curious child terms!


oh erin too; funny well not really skhe is a diva girl and decided she needed a diva haircut lol


abbey chose to go back up into the laundry room when i left today, i think she too thinks shes too unstable for mr. high energy. i meant to get her a floofy dog bed and forgot, sorry abbey, shit. also carol...i had my kids watching tv with the bed buddies, and my daughter found the scissors...and while sitting on the bed decided to use them. and she now has quite a bit less blond curly hair. and i hope i found it all... bad mom, not watching. i just all around sucked today. (couldve been worse, thankfully all the dogs already had haircuts)